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I’ve noticed recently a buy box price when in the Amazon seller app. I’ve looked in the forums for what buy box is but it only talks out what’s can do for your sales, my question is, what is the buy box?? Is it the box on the right hand side of the full website when you look at Amazon item page and on the right it lists about 4 other sellers and their prices? Or is it the main top box where you click buy it now just above these other sellers?



Yes its that box.The first listed seller has an advantage. The order of sellers are rotated in the buy box. There is an Amazon algorithm to determine how often a seller is featured but the actual way it works is an "Amazon Secret " !!!

You need to wait for 90 days until you are elibible to be the featured seller.


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The Buy Box is the box that appears on the right of a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts.

For more information you can visit:

For more information on being the featured merchant on the buy box:

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Buy Box is one of those things that Amazon developed to encourage us all to fall into yet another hair brained idea that hasn’t been thought out properly, if Amazon can’t get the basics right then I am certainly not going to entertain FBA or Buy Box or indeed Prime, non of these so called tools work that well, sorry Amazon but you’ve still not convinced me, it is like the pricing tool, give it a free go and see if it works for you they cry, sorry but if I am going to use Amazon’s pricing tool then end up having to pay for the privilege of using it, I wouldn’t wish to take my chances as nothing else works on Amazon so why would their pricing tool? Any ideas anyone?

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