What's a reliable Multi-channel Fulfilment tool?


I use InkFrog, but it takes toooo much time to list, sync, etc.
Issues I have with it: Orders don’t sync to Amazon. End up late.
Orders sync, but no mobile #, so courier can’t notify customer.
Amazon sales not removing inventory off eBay - so I have to cancel orders.
Item bought on my amazon and eBay store by the same customer…it creates both orders with no error.
Customer will ask where their item is.
I spend more time chasing, manually creating orders, syncing sales, cancelling orders and doing refunds. I feel like just doing Amazon as Amazon, and eBay as eBay.

Is there any RELIABLE .co.uk service out there?
I’m doing mainly retail arbitrage.



Hi what platform is your website currently running on?



They all have their little quirks, but I’m using storefeeder at the moment.

I do have some trouble listing on Amazon with variations, but that is due to the variations have the same EAN. Storefeeder likes you to have a different ean for each variation (as does Amazon usually). I have EAN exemption on Amazon so I have to list the products on storefeeder and then Amazon, then map the product in storefeeder. (Storefeeder picks up on the unmapped product).

Paul :slight_smile:


It’s not for a website per se.
altho I might use one.
Currently just ebay and amazon fba


Hello ,

You can use Shopify and this app for linking with MCF orders.

Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment by WebBee

Shopify can be linked to eBay UK. You do not need to enable Online website of Shopify, just use it as a linking tool

Let me know if this works for you



@WebBee_Ae but what are the prices for this

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