When do I need to be VAT Registered when I am based in the UK?



I have recently started selling on Amazon and I was wondering when I need to be VAT Registered, considering I am based in the UK? I had a read through the government’s website and it states that I do not have to charge VAT if I am under the threshold of 85k, however there is no article on Amazon to confirm this. Could anyone help me out?

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Amazon don’t offer VAT / Tax advice
It’s down to you, via sourcing info from the relevant government to ensure you are adhering to local laws

Always speak with your accountant or phone HMRC

As it is, £85k is the current threshold for VAT registration in UK for a UK based seller

Although depending on what you sell, voluntarily registering is sometimes advisable - hence speaking with an accountant who knows your current situation is recommended



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@ The_Little_Shop thank you for your engagement in this thread and the valuable information.

@ MAGNETO_PEN, I share also resources about VAT in UK in case you haven´t reviewed them yet. Maybe it will give you a bigger picture:

VAT resources page
HMRC guidance note

If you still have doubts, you can always contact the Seller Support via your Seller Central platform :slight_smile:

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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I’m sorry, but since when is seller support able to give advice on VAT registration?
You should be directing people to HMRC or their accountant for this kind of information.
Though VAT resources page may be of use, it’s not the Horses mouth as it where…
But seller support is the last place you should be looking for this kind of advice.


I had someone from amazon recently trying to get me to sign up for VAT in Germany for Pan EU
I explained I wasn’t registered for EPR so cannot sell in Germany and they told me not to worry - I don’t need an EORI number :roll_eyes:
It’s actually a good job I know the various rules / implications otherwise they could’ve landed me in a whole heap of trouble


It’s like the blind leading the blind! No clue what they are advising and no comeback, if they get it wrong.


Hi @ Neil,

Seller Support does answer questions regarding VAT if it impacts the Amazon seller account. If questions are more complex, Seller Support transfers request to another team which is specialized in VAT topic.

I wasn´t clear in my previous comment :slight_smile: Sorry about that.

Have a nice evening everyone,


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