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We send fairly small packages or letters out and are fairly new to Prime, paying £4.17 for each order to be posted Tracked 24 - This is OK because I pick and choose which products to make Prime (i.e not stuff that sells for £6).
I had a “Prime” order for Eire that “Buy Shipping” could not give me a label for, So I asked Customer Services for advice and they said “Oh, treat that as non-prime because the little prime label on the despatch note just means that they are a prime customer”.
So my question is - How do I easily identify so called prime orders (as listed on the dashboard and showing the prime label on the packing note) that I do not have “Buy Shipping” and send Tracked 24?

Note for Clarity: I am assuming that these orders are either non prime products or for destinations outside of the UK, but from Prime customers.

Hope that is clear, many thanks


Could you post a screenshot of how the order appears in the Manage Orders section to see if it isn’t a Seller Fulfilled Prime Order?

Personally, I wouldn’t trust the advice from the Seller Support when it comes to making important decisions.


If you are shipping Internationally on PRIME available items, then you cannot use Buy Shipping. BUT, you MUST use an approved list of couriers (Amazon provide the list, they include all the main UK couriers, even inc low cost Hermes). Raise a case and they will confirm ok to you and give you a list of couriers, so you have a Case with details, in case any query later.

They will count as a defect against you, and they say that is why there is a % they allow outside of Buy Shipping. You MUST email Amazon on Monday or Tuesday of each week to inform which orders you could not use Buy Shipping for, and why (from the previous week up to Sunday Midnight orders).

Then, you are not supposed to get those counting against you.

In reality, they take no notice, and you get an email moaning that % are against you, and then you reply to that email and tell them the same thing and refer to the Case raised and they say it is ok.

NOTE though, Amazon Customer Services can refund all the money of that order up to 2 years (for a range of reasons as normal Prime orders, eg Buyer says not delivered on time, it was faulty, etc) and as you did not use Buy Shipping, the Safe-T Claim will not pay you for any claim!

You then have to resolve with the Buyer direct to get the item back from abroad, or claim from the courier if not delivered, etc.

So, basically if you sell PRIME items, you need to decide is it worth the risk to sell internationally.

I really think AMAZON need to rethink, as I know many Sellers no longer sell internatonally with their Prime items.

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