Where has my Profile gone?


Well … yes I must be logged in to the forum as I can create this new Topic, but ever since I updated/changed my Avatar pic, the Profile access - via the avatar pic top right has disappeared so that I no longer have access to any of that stuff.

Anyone else in the same boat/


Mine works fine, try a direct link.



Your profile already left the european forum.

Cheerio :slight_smile:


The forum software is experiencing some serious glitches and technical errors these days. And this is not limited to the UK site.

I am no longer getting any notifications about private messages, I can’t see the avatars of users who posted into random threads or the amount of views.

I also updated my profile picture on the Amazon Japan Seller Forum a few days ago and got the white square just like you.

To fix the error, you will firstly need to set your avatar to the default gray silhouette and then upload the photo once again.


Great idea - now if you can tell me what to click on to bring up the change avatar pic, cause I do not even have a grey square at top right where my avatar should be, then I’ll get right to it.

Seriously - can someone message a moderator to ask for my profile access back?


Whats a moderaor ? do they even exist now.


You already have the grey avatar.

All you need to do now is upload a new photo.

I am still having glitches in my profile as well. I am getting tons of private messages but without the usual green dot notification so now I have to actually open the messages section to find them.

There are multiple moderators on this forum which are here every working day and sometimes on weekends but rarely post publicly or answer messages.

I think that their job is mainly to review new user’s accounts and threads, put topics into correct categories and similar.


I didn’t when I wrote my last post. Since then I found the keyboard shortcuts when allowed me to open my profile and reinstall the default avatar.

Thanks for the help though. It must be pretty poor code work when you cannot carry out an action with the mouse.


Well, I still can’t see your profile picture.

And I’m not even getting notifications about user’s replies. It looks like the forum is somehow crashing.


Same here, no green circle notifications for PMs since yesterday. Also look :eyes:
No views and yet lots of replies? Not possible. so the Views column isn’t working/updating either! :upside_down_face:


Actually, the exact same glitches have been occuring accross all Amazon Seller Forums for a few days already.

I suspect this to indicate that there will soon be a major forum interface update, as on the US forum the moderators recently created a poll where the posters were asked what would they like to have changed.

Almost everyone demanded the “likes” and top user charts to be scrapped and replaced with “no votes”.

Here are the results as summarised by the US forum moderator:


Have you looked at it lately? Practically every user at the top of the “today” user table is suspended! :scream:


Yeah, it has been a long time glitch.

The forum software will somehow go crazy and leave the suspended user’s daily count of likes frozen at the day when they were suspended.

So now, the likes chart is basically useless. But the other data are incorrect as well - I mean the visits, posts read and similar…

Also, I just noticed this. They have been clearly doing some programming on the forum as they added 2 new international regions to the Amazon Europe Seller Forum - Turkey and United Arab Emirates:

Then they added Brazil to the main Amazon Seller Forum:


really? I just thought they had all left for very long holidays as obviously they do not fulfill what their role is : moderate: just read some messages on the french site, it’s appalling ! Bullies, hateful messages are everywhere, a shame really.


They definitely do on the UK forum. French is a different language so on the Amazon FR site, you must have different moderators whom you can contact.

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