Where to print FNSKU from ? please


Hello Everyone,

( Where to print FNSKU from ? please

I am a new seller and preparing and getting ready my first product for FBA. I want FBA to print and label for me or do i have to print labels and put it in the box with my items ?

Any help will be highly appreciated .
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Amazon can label them for you at a fee. Or you can do it yourself. Either way, you get the choice as you go through the create a shipment process.


Thanks for your quick reply .

i cant seems to find the right option .Although i have selected the option back end that Amazon will label and reject product not suitable etc.

on my shipping page even its showing charges 00 for prep & Label - .i think ( Have i missed something ?

Am i right saying this i can print label for the box and take it nearest UPS collection point ( As same as we take parcels to Hermes / Post Office etc .

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There’s a page during shipment creation where it asks you who will do the labels. If you choose to do it yourself then there is a “print label” box that appears at the bottom of the page.

If you’ve gone past that page you can go back unless you’ve already completed the shipment.


If you want to do it without going through the shipping process, in your inventory you can tick your box and on the dropdown menu select Print Item Labels.

You can select just one, save it as a .pdf, and then you have it handy for anything you may need to do. Like SnL shipments need one on the outside of the box, which needs to be a lot bigger than they have in their templates!



yes .i selected who will prep ( Amazon ) But it should show me charges , Shouldn’t it ??

By the way how can i go back to select i will print and do the labels .

Really appreciated your help .

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Aha …Lets try now

Thanks for all your help everyone

Stay safe …Sell alot …All the best

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You could just cancel that shipment and start again.

The easiest way to do it is how Pips_Chocolate has suggested, you can do this even before you start to create the shipment. Remember to choose how many labels you want at the top right, it will also give you a choice of how many to a page.

You need to stick these on yourself, not just put them in the box.

Once you start to create a shipment at the top it will ask you about prep, click on the drop down box and choose ‘no prep needed’ (assuming there is no other prep needed other than labelling?)

To the right of it will be another that says ‘who prepares’, choose ‘seller’ and then you are good and done.


Thanks Jackie for you kind reply and explanations

To be honest …i tried to create shipping few times already just to get familiar and learn ( Lol

I selected No prep then Selected amazon to label i think …
hopefully i will get there on the end

one more thing please , if i am selling a product which is already on amazon so just match the listing isnt it ? i dont need to create everything from scratch ( e.g Description , Bullet points and even pictuers ( Although i had everything ready

but i have realise that on labels its showing ( For example KOKON napkin Purple New etc …is it right? can i change it to just product only and delete KOKON… ( So it should only show to print EAN and Soften Napkin Purple New …something like that

Thanks everyone . you guys are fab and really helpful


Is KOKON the name of somebody’s brand? If it is then you absolutely should NOT list on there.

Does it have a barcode? Have you tried searching for it using the number on there to see if it comes up with a generic listing for the same thing?


Hi Jackie,
Thanks for your reply , i just gave an example of the name but .i have generic product for sure .

it doesn’t come with any UPC or barcode ( Generic product …lol

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Your listing must exactly match theirs so, if they have branded the generic product in some way, and they have brand registry, then you are not allowed to sell on their listing.

If the name in the title is the sellers name (ie, like if you had added SETAD to the title) and not the original brand (eg Andrex) then, at best, you will be asked to remove yourself from the offering and, at worst, your account could be suspended as selling inauthentic goods which could cause you huge problems, especially if all your stock is at the Amazon warehouse.

Maybe it would help if you could show the listing you are wanting to sell on?


first select the product
click action on and select option " print item label"
enter the quantity and submit


Hi Jackie,
Thank you so much for all your help .I have an other Generic product Now without any Barcode UPC or GTIN .I think i have to apply GTIN exemption (Right ?

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Thanks for your kind reply . Much appreciated.

Have a good day!



That is correct.

If it isn’t successful you will need to register with GS1 to buy your own barcode.