Which courier do you trust, to deliver books safely on time during the Royal Mail strike?


Dear Forum,
Which courier do you trust, to deliver books safely on time during the Royal Mail strike?
I would usually rely on Royal Mail second class signed for, but the strikes and the relative delays are discouraging.
The rest of the year I have used Yodel direct, but now P2GO is warning about “severe delays” with Yodel. What is left, is Ivri and Fed Ex. Any suggestion?
Thank you for your kind suggestions.


If I have to use a courier it would be DPD .


The ‘on time’ is the stumbling block because EVERY courier is facing the same problem of people using them because of the strikes and they too are becoming overloaded. I think there will be delays whoever you use.

Here is a quote from another thread:

…all the couriers seemed to be negatively affected by the strikes and having to operate at volumes that they are not able to handle.


Thanks, but it’s too expensive to ship books,


Personally I use Yodel for my small parcel size, as no Evri drop-off near me.
So far I have had no complaints or reports of INR, but they too are now under pressure, like all of them.

I have been pre-empting delays by messaging the customers explaining about the delays and asking for their patience by waiting a few extra days.


can you not continue to use RM but extend your handling time ?


not at minute there snowed under at my local depot bloke said 6 trailer loads to unload and more arriving


I could, but I risk losing sales and this year I can’t afford it.


I think FedEx. DPD is normally good but they are struggling at the moment. I have been waiting all day Thu and Fri for UPS, nothing happened. Rescheduled collection for today between 9 and 2pm, nothing. The annoying thing is that they don’t even contact me, they have my email and mobile number, it’s silence. Customer service is vague and I have orders to dispatch but I can’t move in case UPS turns up. So another one bites the dust.


Can you not drop the boxes at your local collection point ?


Thank you for the update.
I have considered resorting to Fed Ex, in case of need and in spite of the cost, but I don’t see the point, if it’s struggling as well.


I don’t have a car, it’s far too heavy to carry to the access point, even in different journeys, one box is 12 kg. but I will have to find a way I can’t spend a fourth day in here


That’s what I do, for the couriers.
For Royal Mail, the issue is with all the logistic chain.


FedEx isn’t struggling apparently, I have been using it recently so far so good.


I feel your pain. Sometimes I carry a dozen parcel to the collection point and they weight more than Kg.10.


It’s a lottery at the moment and I don’t think that anyone can answer with confidence. I am doing pretty well with APC but I think they are quite limited in some areas.

I have quite a few queries with Evri, seem to struggle with delivering to businesses during business hours and Government buildings.

UPS and DHL have also been ok but can be a bit expensive compared to the rest. UPS surcharge for residentials so I use UPS business to business and DHL for end customer if it falls out of the scope for APC.


It’s 20 minutes walk for me but I will have to do it, but I am really annoyed by the lack of communication, if they told me earlier today they weren’t going to come I would have gone already. Aren’t they coming or are they late? The customer service says they might still come before 9pm but can’t say more. And it’s ‘might still come’ not will come.


By the way can I take one box at the time even if it’s the same shipment? No way I can take all of them together, one on top of each other they are taller than me.


I’d take one and ask the collection point if they are actually able to take more ( I didn’t realise you had multiple cartons)


It’s the shipment for FBA