Who uses Folksy


Anyone using Handmade also use Folksy? Just wondered how you found it?


I started with Folksy years ago (back in 2008). I stopped selling on it as I wasn’t really selling much, but kept my account. I have a good seller name as I was one of the first to use it, having found it in a Google search for ‘best places to sell online’, but it didn’t really do much. When the pandemic hit, I reactivated it and put on over 100 listings and paid the monthly fee for unlimited listings. This was well over a year of having my products on there. However, in November and December 2021, I sold only ONE item whereas on Amazon I sold about 300 products, so after Christmas I stopped the monthly fee and have let it lapse again.
I am not sure what it is you are wanting from your question, but If you are thinking about doing it, in my experience it’s not worthwhile unless you constantly spend time on the forums to encourage other makers to buy your products and by telling your existing customers about it. Folksy don’t advertise enough in my opinion - especially as they started only 3 years after Etsy and a couple of years after Not on the high street, but anyone I have spoken to hasn’t heard of it. - but I haven’t heard many who haven’t heard of the other 2 and everyone’s heard of Amazon!


Similar experience as Lesley for me - I had many listings on there for approx. 2-3 years when it was a year or two old, alongside Etsy, and there was just no contest. Folksy sales were incredibly few and far between and I stopped using them as it simply wasn’t worth the time to maintain and update listings - my time was better invested in other marketplaces with genuine prospects of being a consistent revenue stream. I wouldn’t recommend it I’m afraid, however some Handmade sellers do still use it, though how consistent sales are for others I have no idea.


I’ve only put a few of our best sellers on Folksy. I’ll give it 3 months and see how it goes. No sales so far.


Tried it never made a sale, not worth the trouble listing items shame really


I’m giving it a couple more weeks and closing my shop on there. I’ve tried it for a few months but not sold a single thing. It takes huge amount of work to drive traffic to Folksy, and the way I see it, that’s what I pay them a fee for. Any traffic driving I do is to my own website where I don’t pay a percentage of my sales to someone else. It has so much potential, but after all the years it has been operating, they are still stuck in the dark ages. No buyer app, no advertising campaigns, no desire to get sellers that aren’t hobbyists submitting dark and blurry photos and two word descriptions, no desire to get actual buyers that aren’t just sellers not selling so they are not buying, heck they don’t even have a site that is easy to search and buy on.
On a plus note, lots of Etsy sellers have gone off to Folksy after the fee hike, so less competition :slight_smile: a lot have closed their Etsy stores completely too, so not easy for them to just come back.
Amazon handmade also has so much potential. I used to do really well here when items appeared in the normal search results, then it changed in January 2021 and my sales dropped off a cliff. Something changed this year as I am getting more sales than last year now, and this is the only store I have that isn’t down 40% on last year.