Why can’t amazon staff count?


We send multiple shipments to amazon each week. We sell products that we physically make and we so we know exactly how many are sent and there is zero room for error. Yet, nearly 50% of our shipments show errors when received into Amazons fulfilment centres. Normally I just wait for it to sort itself as amazon often adjust our stock when the ‘find’ the missing items but I e just received an email saying that I’ve been blocked from sending a particular asin because of ‘multiple problems that we found with your product during the inbound process’.

I’ve now got to issue ourselves invoices for each and every shipment to force amazon to investigate their incompetence.

Sorry, more of a rant than anything. Amazon gets more frustrating day by day.


It’s a standard message and it does t really mean anything.
If they overcount by a few items you get a ‘shipment problem’ message.
If the overcount works out to more than 10%-20% (seems to vary) then you get a ‘blocked’ message.
The resolution is the same for both though… Just ‘acknowledge’ the issue in the shipment and it’s immediately unblocked.

Happens all the time, usually when we send smaller numbers of items…
Send 100: Overcount by 3 =3% = ‘Problem’
Send 10: Overcount by 3 =30% = ‘Blocked’

Note: The sales aren’t blocked, it just prevents you from sending any more until you acknowledge.


May I ask if you ever requested investigation into the shipments with missing units or did you just acknowledge the issue everytime?


It is just annoying getting this message now. Last 2 weeks we have had this message on shipments we have made. I wonder what happens when you request the ‘over’ stock to be shipped back? Surely the stock level will be wrong so we can request a refund for ‘lost stock’ - even though we never sent it in the first place.