Why do the staff at Amazon block you from making an appeal


Welcome to Amazon!
Amazon are very “customer” centric. We have said a million times before they forget as sellers are their customers!
Don’t keep asking for assistance as you may get suspended, not fair - but true.


Hi Midi_Decor_SARL

I just noticed this post and also the one below, (related)?

I understand the frustration and what some would refer to as reasonable or unreasonable. Both Adrian and Neil are right about the Amazon policy and these kind of posts are regular on the forum.

I was just wondering about the difference in the posts, unless I have misread in which case I am sorry, in so much as if you were to escalate the matter is the first post related matter going to have some baring?


Yes we’ve had a few similar feedbacks over the years. On Amazon UK (main market) we take enough orders to absorb the odd hit to the metrics but in other marketplaces where order volumes are a lot lower it only takes a couple of negs to put the account in jeopardy. A 1% threshold on 3 separate criteria really is too strict for small sellers. You only need a bit of bad luck couple of issues outside of your control like a chargeback and a change of address customer like the one in this instance and that’s it, the bot takes you down. We had this a couple of years ago and it took 3 months to get back up and running again.


This particular one doesn’t fall within the guidelines as others have pointed out. However, the feedback removal system is a waste of time these days. It seems to have changed recently.

I had one the other day that said “I orderd pack of . I recieved a Galaxy S8 phone wallet???”

I’ve replaced the actual product name with

This was an FBA order and we don’t sell phone wallets so it clearly falls under the “Strike through feedback if it is regarding fulfilment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon.”

So I tried the bot removal and was declined. I escalated thinking a human would see that it’s an FBA error. Declined again.
I got on the phone to SS. Agent agreed it should be removed and said he’d pass it to the feedback removal team.
They got back to be a day or two later. Declined.
To make matters worse they added. “If you continue to request feedback removal outside of Feedback Manager, it will result in the deactivation of your account.”

I’d given up chasing bad feedback removal years ago but this one got under my skin. But really it’s a waste of time and energy. Try the bot, if that fails escalate. If that fails, forget about it and move on. Everyone is in the same boat, it’s a numbers game. Sell enough stuff and you’ll get a neg even if you’re the best seller in the world. Not worth losing sleep over.


Ah, there is a problem, so Amazon’s insistence they are their customers, now become’s our customer…

It is now a silly joke, SS on Amazon…


That is fine, if the SS member has not cut the reply time to 0 which many will do, if they are having a bad day…


The problem is that Amazon has lost any tiny bit of flexibility it once had.
Making rules is fine, and all concerned are bound by them, trouble is Amazon break their own rules, when it suits them.


Because Amazon couldn’t care less about you… so long as you keep paying them lots of money in fees that’s all they’re interested in.

That’s why even when it’s blatantly obvious that your buyer is a moron, a scammer or just malicious, you are the one that’s in the wrong not them.

It’s also the reason why their ‘support’ sucks. They just don’t care anymore… we are disposable.


Actually no. The first time you appeal, it is an automated system. So the staff won’t do that.
It’s only after that first response that it then gets closed with not option to re-open.


Thats crazy, surely you should have some recourse


No. Customers lying don’t fall witin the guidelines for removal even when you can prove it. Amazon doesn’t care.


We have had 0 days to reply, on 1st contact responses …


Well I can only say, I have NEVER been stopped appealing for the first time.
I think you are misunderstanding the process frankly.

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