Why Does Deleting Shipping Plans Bother Amazon?


Hello and happy new year.

I created a few shipping plans so far and notices that it’s a bit of a pain to modify/delete a shipping plan and Amazon let you know that it’s a very big deal and you should always think twice before entering the address from where the products are shipped. When you read a little on forums or internet, you can read BECAREFUL DON’T DELETE TOO MANY SHIPPING PLAN ARE YOU CRAZY? DO YOU WANT TO BE SUSPENDED??

Actually I am just trying to find a shipping method from China, and see if amazon can help me with the shipping and comparing the prices, and I don’t understand why is deleting a few shipping plans capital offence (although I have just deleted one shipment)?

How can I know the price of a shipping to amazon without having to create (and delete) a shipping plan?

Kind regards