Why does it always happen to us?


Received an item not received A-to-Z claim for an SFP order which was shipped on time with buy shipping.

Orders shipped on time using buy shipping are supposed to be protected against INR claims…
It’s supposed to be impossible to receive an A-To-Z claim for an SFP order, since they’re handled the same way as FBA orders in that all CS is handled by Amazon.

Did they change the A-to-Z policies AGAIN or is this just the latest in a long line of bugs to hit our account…?


A-Z claims can be filled for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders just like for any other order, if the buyer decides not to contact the Amazon Customer Support.

Simply represent your case using one of my example templates:

“Hello, the order was shipped on (date) with tracking number (xxxxxx) by carrier (carrier name). The shipment can be tracked on this link: (link to online tracking showing delivery and signature). According to the order’s tracking information, the package was delivered to the correct address on (date) and signed by (name). Please close this claim since the order was already delivered. Thank you.”


According to Amazon you can’t get an A-to-Z for any form of prime order, this includes both FBA and SFP.
This is because Amazon handles all CS for Prime orders as part of the customer-facing “prime guarantee”, A-to-Z claims are designed for when your CS has failed to resolve an issue.

Already done that but Amazon have come back to us asking for the same details again, also there’s no tracking link for Amazon Logistics since all the tracking is integrated into Amazon.

edit: after asking for the same details again, we provided them exactly as requested… The claim was instantly granted, seller-funded…


You are right that all customer service for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders should be handled by Amazon, but they are still FBM orders and nothing will prevent the buyers to open an A-Z claim anyway, as you can see.


Normally if you attempt to open an A-to-Z claim for an SFP order it will redirect you to Amazon support, which is why I’m wondering if this is a policy change or else a bug.
We’ve only ever had 1 A-to-Z claim for SFP in the past, 3 for FBA and 1000s for normal MFN.

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