Why has Amazon charged customer postage when we had to pay it?


Fast way to go out of business. There are many “hidden” costs with doing business on Amazon, orders where you may make a little extra on postage, make up for some of the losses you will get.


Quick way to see what you have received is on the total balance tab top of screen then pick the market place the order was in switch to transaction view the at a glance you what you’ve received for the order on the total column . You can click on the end figure to enter that order it will give you a breakdown of income and charges for that order. Will also state what the change was to your balance.


You’re getting £8.28 in postage. If you didn’t purchase postage from Amazon (which you can’t for ROI because it’s counted as international) you will get this amount in your disbursement… After sellers fees are taken off of course


I think you will receive the £ 26.84 , the items have been sold for £32 including VAT of £ 5.98 + Postage of £ 8.28 including VAT of £ 1.54
So net to you is
Item £32
Shipping £ 8.28
Total £40.28
Less Vat £ 7.52
Less Amazon Fee £ 5.92
Nett £ 26.84


I received £26-84 and believe your calculation to be exactly correct. Thank you for the information.

Solution for now has to be to sell only in the UK or accept that 80% of my work is lining Jeff’s pockets. :frowning:

  • Patrick


Don’t see how you work that out. Amazon have charged £5.92 on a sale price of £32, so they have taken 18.5%. You are keeping 81.5%. The VAT goes to the UK Govt, not Jeff! The postage goes to Royal Mail