Why would new FBA quantity show as part reserved?



I’m new to FBA, first shipment went well with all quantity present and correct, but new shipment is showing only a third as ‘Available’ and the rest as ‘Reserved’.

This listing is currently closed so it’s not as if customers has purchased this items and so I have no idea why they would be shown as reserved. This is one SKU, shipped all in one small box, all correctly individually labelled.

I’ve checked the ‘Shipments Queue’ page, and it shows the correct quantity has been received.

Can anyone shed some light on this please and what I need to do so as all units are made available?

Thank you


If you look in “manage FBA inventory” there is a little arrow next to the reserved number. Click that and it’ll tell you why.


Many thanks!

It states that these are ‘FC Transfer’. Help page states…

FC Transfer – These units are being transferred from one fulfilment centre to another to place the inventory closer to customers. Units in FC Transfer status are available for customers to buy. Customers may be shown a future delivery date if no other units are available for immediate fulfilment. Transfers typically take one to five days to complete.

I was unaware Amazon done this for domestic FBA. How does Amazon determine where stock should go? Do they simply look at where most previous sales have come from and then distribute stock according?


Basically yes. One of the reasons they can get such speedy delivery is to ensure decent availability of a product across their network, prioritising FCs where there may be increased demand in the area.


Great stuff, many thanks for your help Demel.