Widgets Icon - Do you see what I see?


Hi, All my Widgets (Top right corner) are showing as a tiny triangle, a half circle (it’s somehow very Egyptian) and a rather fetching lined half square which to me looks like a shelf bracket, All of these Icons are in blue.

Also when I hover over them the tiny triangle and Half circle turn black and the lovely little bracket line magically disappears.

It’s not effecting me that much but I’m thinking of trade marking it as a symbol of doom and putting it on some products, as I’m getting absolutely no sales on Amazon at the moment!
(just shows how much time I have on my hands at the moment :sleeping:)

Anyway to be serious is it just me or is this what everyone sees on their main seller page now?

I’m using Windows, its Firefox and it’s been around for about a month or so, so just wondering?


Could you take a screenshot?


Unless your description is way off I do not have any of those interesting hieroglyphics.




Maybe it is just me?
Also when I right click the icon and select “show background image” it shows this:
20 So I’m seeing the blue square with the three dots, as if looking through a small window.


This indicates that your Seller Central has been updated into the new interface.

Please check this thread where the change was already discussed:


Hi Kika, thanks I did see this thread, but I don’t think anyone mentions that they don’t see the three dots on the Amazon page. The new page and buttons do work, it’s just out of curiosity that I wondered why the icons seemed corrupted for me - but hey I can live with it.


The icons and interface which you are seeing may depend on your device/computer or browser.


Just had a new banner appear at the top of my homepage as reported on the forums in other posts.

The banner says: “We are building a new Seller Central Homepage! Click here to try it now”

I clicked it and the “new” page looked ok for me, but I went straight back to the “old” page and my icons have now magically sorted themselves out into the three dots they should have been.

No idea why but Just saying I’m fixed for now.