Withheld disbursement funds


I previously posted on the forum when my account was deactivated. I have sent 28 plan of actions which were rejected always because of insufficient information.I assume this is because I could not provide 1 invoice for a lipstick which a customer questioned was authentic. It was as it was purchased from a Clinique counter.
I have tried to have my withheld funds repaid and this was the response.
Does anyone have any suggestions to help me retrieve my funds as nearly £4000 is a lot of hard earnt money to lose.

My name is William and I am a member of the Amazon Disbursement Appeals Escalations team. Jeff Bezos received your email and I am responding on his behalf.

We have thoroughly reviewed your account and the information you have provided. We determined that the funds in your account will not be disbursed to you.

This is a final decision made after reviewing the information you provided.

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.


You’ll need to go via the legal route now
A letter before action is the first step
It was fragrance going on your previous threads, not lipsticks - do you have receipts for these too ?
If so, make sure you keep hold of them as whilst it’s against amazon policy to list as new , you can still prove thet are authentic in court