Wonder if they could make use of the REPLY button mandatory? - would help avoid arguments caused by a writer expecting everyone to know EXACTLY who they are replying to


what do you think? what do you think? (duplicated to satisfy the annoying 20 char req)


No idea what you are talking about!


Do you always know to whom a post is directed?
I don’t.

When you read something like “You are talking rubbish” in a post which has no Name to show which post it refers to it causes confusion and discord in a thread.

I therefore conclude it would be better if there was no ‘Reply’ button at the bottom and a Reply against a particular post had to be used.

This post I am now writing will have no indication as to whom I am responding - fortunately you are the only other in this thread.


Whereas this post shows it is Rugsy I am replying to.


What if the reply is not intended for the last poster?


Exactly my point.
We users should have to choose the ‘Reply’ button against the post we ARE referring to.


This assumes that every reply is totally relevant to the previous post and that no additional info is to be given.

There is a good reason why there are 2 reply buttons. They just need to be used correctly which is easier said than done.


How often do you actually use the “reply” button right at the bottom of the thread as opposed to the “reply” button on each post?
I would assume that if replying to a particular post you reply from that post but if making a general comment to add to the thread you use the reply button at the bottom


If a thread has 43 posts and you want to respond to no 39 I assume YOU would hit the reply button against 39.

Not everyone does, sadly. They just hit the reply at the bottom (or where ever)

If we are making a new point, not at all relevant to any of the 43 so far, we should hit Reply against post 1 - the OP.
Also remember, in a busy popular thread, one can write a lengthy reply to the previous post which by the time it is posted becomes 4 posts back, hence the confusion.

Clearly this little issue irritates me more than most, and probably more than it should - I just hate this forum format fullstop :slight_smile:


Adrian, are you talking to me or Rugs? There is no link here to tell me !

Just making a point that it would be an improvement it every post had a link to show which was being replied to.


Replying by using the button at the bottom of the thread

Edit, so neither of my replies indicated to whom I was replying despite one being through a post and one being from the lower button…


If only the majority could get their heads round doing just that.


Neither has a link Neither has a link


You haven’t enlightened us as to how you ensure the details of the poster you are replying to are shown ,
I used both buttons, one for each of my previous replies and nothing showed.


Experimenting by replying to the original post from within that post

edit, and still nothing


I think that’s the main problem for you. :slight_smile:


thanks Adrian, you have just identified another reason I hate this format - it does not even operate consistently !!


testing testing testing - this post was opened via the Reply link in Adrian’s last post (and I am not sounding his death nell :slight_smile: )


I’m going to guess that using the Quote option somehow screws up the Reply link button.
Had enough now - going for a coffee.


When you reply to the last post, there is no curly arrow and the person’s name showing. It is assumed that the reply refers to the post immediately above.

If a reply to an earlier post, you do get the curly arrow and the name. Click on the name and the original post that you are replying to appears.

It is consistent, you just need to know the “rules”.