Wow. When did this start appearing? Non-returnable


Just noticed my Handmade listings, which did use to have the standard “This is covered by Amazon’s 30 day, etc, etc”. But now we have this. A good step IMHO. Hope enough like it, for it to remain prominent where appropriate. It may put some customers off, but then I do make to order. So I understand that some may not be as happy for it.



Bit of a double-edged sword, it also tells the less scrupulous how to return/get refund for free.:slightly_frowning_face:


I get what you mean about putting some off, but I would always ask for photo proof of damage before authorising a return - if that’s what you mean. Not that I’ve had any, apart from a couple of the larger glass framed ones.


Unfortunately, Google and YouTube are not our friends in spreading all the different scams they can try. Sad. Bit like shoplifting.


I wish they would add this to regular (non-handmade) listings of earrings - now they are allowed to return them by end of January - no nod to the hygiene issue once worn! Great wear them to the Christmas party and them send them back, Ugh


They allow the return of piercings (or just earrings?)? That’s awful.


Its quite clear that Amazon do not follow their own policies. The polices are easily exploited we have had lots of instances.


We only sell earrings for pierced ears not body piercings, pierced earrings are marked as returnable. Utter nonsense


Add to that if items turn up a day or 2 late. I have an A-Z now with a customer who ordered something bespoke on a standard delivery to turn up on Saturday. Received a message on the Sunday saying they haven’t got it and no longer want it. I said fine, just put in a return and I will accept it (I believe the customer just wanted it for free).

Received it on Monday, came back to me and said they have it but wants a refund. I said no problem just enter a return and I will accept it and today received an A-Z. It is quite worrying when you consider that some of these values can be quite considerable and it just drives up the prices so will actually end up costing the customers more in the long run.

The result is that rogue customers, online shoplifters will eventually end up being subsidised by the decent honest customers out there.

It means if there is a slight blemish that doesn’t effect the product, they can just claim the full cost.

For instance say that you sell 1000 pack of personalised postcards and one of them is scrunched up or even a customer spelling mistake, does this mean they just get a full refund no questions asked?


Sounds like M&S in the good old days. Buy it on a Friday, wear it for the weekend, return it on the Monday for full refund. :tired_face:


Yes buy it on the Friday, spill wine on it and then don’t bother to return on the Monday, just say it is defective and got a red stain on it. Don’t even need stain remover, you just order it again.