Wrong weight added


Hi there,
I’ve accidentally put the wrong weight into the system when booking a collection.
The shipment has been logged for collection.
How can I change it?

The collection will cost me double if I can’t change as it weighed in lbs not kgs.


Is this a UPS collection? Was it on Amazon’s prepare shipment screen where you entered the weight? You’ll probably have to call UPS to cancel the collection, then redo the shipment.


Thank you,

Yes it was and UPS collection due for tomorrow, yes Amazon prepare shipment screen.
I found on the screen that if I want to change weight it may get lost and not be dealt with.
So I’m going to leave it and count my losses and learn from it.
About £6 lost so nothing major, just profit from one product.

My own fault I didn’t check my scales properly.
Thank you for your quick reply.


Why not just cancel the shipment and do a new one with the correct weight?
Void the label and create a new one.
It should be that difficult or take that long unless you have a lot of things on the shipment.