Xmas Handling Times aren't being updated by Inventory File


Anyone have any luck updating handling times in bulk? We need to update our handling time on these immediately to 20 days as we’re about to go on our Christmas break.

We have 530 variation listings (different furniture sizes), which at a conservative estimate would be about 6 hours to update manually. I followed a guide to update all our handling times using a Price Inventory File and uploaded it as a text tab deliminated format as requested, including just the SKU and the handling time columns. However, now about 28hours later none of the listings have changed, there were no errors on the upload either.

Can I get any help, as customer support are just re-sending me the same stock response which has no relevance my issue,

All the best!


SOLVED (hopefully): I’ve found it mentioned that a quantity inventory file needs 3 columns to be filled to be a successful upload, I don’t know why this info isn’t included in the template instructions. But my upload this time seemed successful (i added an arbitrary number to the quantity value- our stock is integrated through a sync and will automatically update after) but yet to see if the handling time will update on the listings,


Or alternatively you could put your account into holiday mode.
Settings - Account info - (LHS ) “Going on holidays?” and just indicate inactive. This is what I do when I
have a break.
We still need to answer any buyer questions, but no orders will be able to be placed until you put your account back to Active.


Does putting into Holiday mode not affect your rankings on amazon though by deactivating the listings?
Although initially successful uploading the inventory file as above only worked for a day or two before reverting back to the 2 day handling//processing time.
Amazon’s system seems much less stable than other sites, their seller phone support has also been unavailable for the last 5 days or so as well. Is it possible that there is a maximum handling time? And 20 days exceeds this?


I put my account into holiday mode (and have done this as of 11pm last night) and when I re-open it they will reappear. I use this method all the time and it usually only takes a week, before everything gets ‘back to normal’ in the level of sales.
I think what effects the rankings is people not buying the products - as they get purchased the more people who buy them, the more they go up the rankings. So, for instance if no-one is buying your products because it takes too long to deliver, they’ll drop down the rankings, but if they can’t buy them because you’re on holiday, they’ll drop down the rankings. Positive and negative feedback effects your product’s rankings too, I have found.
Some people don’t necessarily read the delivery date when they order and this could easily result in complaints and cancellations.
I had 2 purchases on Saturday evening for standard delivery. I use Royal Mail and their last date for delivery for Christmas was Saturday day time. So, these 2 wouldn’t have arrived in time. The date stated by Amazon was due by 23rd - 29th December. I then received one message (after dispatch) to cancel one order - but luckily, I had paid for 1st class and as Royal Mail’s last date for 1st class is 21st, the customer now doesn’t want to cancel. The other one, I pre-empted and messaged to say that I’ve posted by 1st class so that they hopefully will get their item in time for Christmas.
Last night, I had another order for delivery by standard - so I’ve done the same with this one (1st class).
I offer faster delivery - due in 2 days (at a cost) for delivery by Royal Mail Special Delivery and those that have read the delivery dates have opted for this, but if you leave your listings open and the customers are expecting them (because they don’t read the due by date) then you can open yourself up to complaints of non arrival as you can’t stop standard delivery orders.
Me, personally - even though I could still send my Special Delivery ones until 23rd December as Amazon doesn’t stop people placing orders for standard delivery, when they don’t read the due by date and they are expecting them by Christmas! Royal Mail are even taking 2 days for Special Delivery on 30% of my orders at the moment and they guarantee next day delivery! So the chances of any items posted by 1st class later today arriving in time is pretty remote.
The risk of negative feedback and complaints - thus risk to my account, I don’t believe it’s worth it. So I have put my account into holiday mode after my last night’s 10pm “standard” order (which I posted by 1st Class 9am this morning)
I would rather keep my account in good standing / avoid complaints / cancellations / have returns that arrive after Christmas, than make a few extra sales in the next couple of days.

So, for instance if you keep your listings open for a delivery date way past Christmas and a customer places an order (not reading the due by date) and leaves negative feedback on that product - it will zoom to the bottom of the rankings which would damage you far more than if you just put yourself on holiday.

I haven’t a clue on the maximum handling times though - sorry.


I’ve been manually editing handling times on some listings and some update some don’t.


Solved part 2. We also found that what was happening was our inventory management software was updating the stock on amazon but not including a handling time (‘default latency’ on our software) so handling time was being reset to 0 whenever the stock was updated on platform.

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