You may no longer be able to sell on Amazon From 01 March 2019


Just received this email from Amazon advising that according to new German Legislation that I need to register for German Tax .

I only keep stock in the UK FBA . Not anywhere else .

This is what the email states : Did anyone else receive this

''Dear Seller,

Amendments to existing German VAT legislation became effective on January 1, 2019.

As a result, you might no longer be able to sell on Amazon from March 1, 2019, if you have not obtained and provided us a copy of your German Tax Certificate.

You need to be tax-registered in Germany with a valid Tax ID (Steuernummer) in order to be able to apply for a Tax Certificate in Germany. If you are not yet tax-registered in Germany, we recommend that you consult with a tax advisor to assess if you should be registered.

To apply for a Tax Certificate, you should submit an application to the German tax office that is responsible for the country where your business is legally established. You can find details of each countries’ corresponding tax office here:

For contact information of the different tax offices click here:

According to the German Federal Ministry of Finance, the following information is requested as part of your application for the Tax Certificate:

  1. Your name (first and last name or trading name)
  2. Your address
  3. Phone no., fax and email address
  4. Confirmation whether you are already VAT registered in Germany and if so the name of the relevant tax office
  5. Tax ID in Germany (Steuernummer)
  6. Name and address of tax advisor (if applicable)
  7. Name and address of a German-based Authorised Agent (required only for sellers not based in Germany or a member state that is part of the Agreement on the European Economic Area)
  8. List of marketplaces on which you are trading on or intend to trade on, including the relevant “identification feature” on each marketplace (for example, account trading name)
  9. Place, Date, Signature and – if applicable, firm stamp

It is recommended that you provide the above information to the tax office using the official application form:

We will follow up with details on how to submit your Tax Certificate to Amazon in a separate communication.

If you need help with VAT registration or filling in Germany, visit VAT Services on Amazon:

Amazon Services Europe

Tax Registration in germany

This sounds really scary.

Are you going to apply for the German Tax Certificate?


I got a similar e-mail before the generous offer of PAN EU subsidy. We were very close to the VAT threshold for Germany so it made sense.

The offer came about 3 days after the scary e-mail. You should consider going PAN EU. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and it’s comforting to know we are VAT compliant in the EU post Brexit.


No intention to apply for a German Tax number as I do not keep stock there , nor can I be close to any distance selling threshold . My monthly sales on Amazon amounts to at most £300 to £400 [ sometimes less ] and that is 98% UK customers . I only keep stock in the UK .

The cost of applying and submitting tax returns to the German tax authorities is crazy . There is no justification for that . I may as well close shop on Amazon as I am hardly making much


Thanks Annie , but for me Pan Eu is just not viable , My sales are very low and almost exclusively to UK customers . Now and than I may get the odd sale from someone outside the UK , but they are purchasing from my uk listing .

I do not have any listings outside of the UK . So cannot quite understand why Amazon are sending me this email . I am nowhere near any distance selling threshold .


@Kika Do we need to apply for a German Tax certificate if we do not sell on Amazon DE or ship to Germany? We are not VAT registered in the UK as our turnover is far from the £85,000 threshold.


No, you don’t. But it’s the first time I’m seeing an e-mail like this.

Personally, I’m processing tens of thousands of orders on the Amazon Germany marketplace per year and I didn’t receive anything.


Like the UK if you store stock in Germany or distance sell over EUR100k then you’ll need to register (and should be already of course}


@Kika I didn’t receive an email I saw it in my Amazon Seller Central in the news section


So if I only have stock in the UK , never in any other place in Europe . Nowhere near the distance selling limit , can I take it this is a general email sent to everyone or should I assume Amazon are somehow confusing my account .

I have written to seller support but not too confident that I may get the correct answer from them


i did receive this email today which reads:

Dear Seller,

We are contacting you regarding your seller account. Beginning 2019, Amazon Payments UK (APUK) will provide payments services for your UK marketplace activity.

If you wish to continue with your business as usual and maintain the options available to you today, you do not need to take any action. Your continued use of your seller account 60 days following this email will constitute your deemed acceptance of the APUK terms and conditions (available here), and we will setup an APUK payments account on your behalf.

The choice to sell and list in any of 5 marketplaces (;;;; or a combination of marketplaces remains yours completely. If you choose not to have any relationship to APUK and lose access to sell in UK, please contact us at for next steps.

Kind regards,
Amazon Payments Europe s.c.a



Have you checked your FBA reports to see where your stock actually is? You may have had an FBA return which was sent to a German FBA centre.

I’ve not had this email but already closed my DE listings until the packaging law thing gets sorted. Probably do the rest of EU too.




I got that too. There is another thread about it.



Okay but , the email you are referring to is totally different to the German Tax email


There are general announcements displayed, unless you received an e-mail threatening with a suspension, you should be fine.

This is nothing important. Just a notice about Amazon Payments being handled by a different business entity in the UK.


I got the exact same email! Completely batshit crazy - just utter nonsense. I’m a very small-scale US seller who deals in rare used CD’s. I sell maybe 1 order every 2-3 months on – the buyers are from a variety of different countries but usually the UK. I have no intention of getting “tax registered in Germany” whatever the hell that even means. Whatever brainless bot sent me this email is clearly missing a logic circuit or two.


Just an update on this . I contacted seller support who responded this morning advising that that was a mass email sent to all sellers and that I need not be concerned if I do not sell in Germany .
What concerns me though is that not everyone received that email yesterday based on the responses on the forum on this thread .
However I am more at ease as I am a low volume seller with stock only in the the UK.

As I only sell in the UK I hardly click the drop downs on the other market places , so I decided to check Germany . There was a payment made to me of 28 Euros in Oct 2017 which I could not understand as I have never sent stock outside the UK .

I also checked sales for that period on the .de platform just to see what the 28 Euros could relate to . No sales were ever made in Germany on my account . Contacted German support asking what the 28 Euros was for and told that it was not for any sale but for merchandise that was lost in their warehouse and was a reimbursement for that . Not sure how merchandise got to their warehouse unless it was a return that they lost .

Anyway it seems from what Seller support states is that as long as one does not sell in Germany than there will not be any issue . Hopefully that is the case come March 2019

Apologies if my thread caused any stress to other sellers , but just make sure that there is no returns sitting in a German warehouse just to avoid any possible issues down the line . In fact German , French , Italian , Spanish , any platform you do not sell in .

It seems that as more and more Governments are on the verge of bankruptcy , the more tax they will try extract from the man in the street .


i received same email regarding Germany come march. i have been looking everywhere to where i can delete all listings from the de. marketplace march but not effecting uk marketplace but having no joy.
please can anyone advise…


Not sure if this is the best or only option but you may want to try the following .
Settings > Fulfillment by Amazon > Cross Border Fulfillment Settings > Click on Edit top right and it will display options where stock can be held i.e. in which countries .

There may be other settings more pertinent so hopefully others who are more aware can chime in


I dont understand what to do with this. I store stock only in UK and have the option turned off in all other EU countries. I’m not anywhere near the distance selling threshold for germany, but i do list on, though it is fulfilled from a UK warehouse. surely I dont need to register for german VAT? or is this different?