You may no longer be able to sell on Amazon From 01 March 2019


It already HAS a great impact…

  • Closed Accounts on Amazon, from german sellers with valid VAT ID are re-opened suddenly again
  • (USA) contacted us to supply as a vendor

Looks like the removal of the fraudsters will also have a great impact to the amazon vendor supply chain in the UK…

If i have a look at some top selling electronics…

90% of the sellers will be removed …


Can you expand on that?

I don’t quite get your meaning.


I don’t understand what you mean either @DSP

It is possible that the non EU sellers have got a DE VAT number but have not uploaded it to Amazon.

EU sellers gets fees net of VAT when they upload their number so it is important to do. I can not see any benefits fro non EU sellers except for Amazon VAT invoices being generated for the buyers.


VAT on fees is irrelevant. This is about VAT on sales.


But that impact will create a huge sales opportunity for those quick enough to grab it.
The remaining sellers will have chance to reap big rewards.


You have missed my point. I was wondering about the US sellers I have looked at. Very few have any VAT number uploaded to Amazon. A few others have a UK VAT number.

Does this mean they will all be banned in 2 weeks?


They certainly should be, by both the German law and Amazon’s notifications they would be in breach so auto banned.

  1. There is precedent from last year when lots of non-UK sellers were banned from, basically same reason, just the other way around.

  2. Not showing a GB-VAT-ID does not necessarily mean they don’t have one. It all depends on Amazons robots to update the pages properly and in time.


If they have a number why would they not upload it? This is what I was pondering in my earlier post.


How did you apply for that offer? I received similar email with no links or reply back option so not sure how to take it up on that? Also, emailed Seller support, they don’t seem to have a clue.


REcently we received repeated emails from to ask us to submit vat certificate. But we thought we did not have inventory in Germany and our sales are far less than vat registration threshold of euro 100,000. So we did not submit. But today suspended out account due to missing vat certificate reason. We are appealing to reactivate our account as we are not required to register. Is any seller having similar situation now?


What do you mean by ‘’ we thought ‘’ .


Hi Magical,

Thank you for your reply. We don’t have inventory in Germany and we do not reach the threshold, so we thought we are not required.


They seem a bit inconsistent (I don’t know why I am surprised). I can still see loads of US sellers that are showing a GB VAT number. They have not been suspended.

I wonder if they will be too.



When I click on the link it says I do not have access. What is the gist?



Google translate as

So, today it happened, has blocked our account. For a reason that Amazon itself created, and for which there is NO way out. Unhappy, and ridiculous. Amazon has already told us months ago that we have a …


Hi Paul
Click on link then, change UK to Germany on the drop down list and it will open up.


We also have the same situation. US business. DE Account suspended. We don’t pass the threshold required for Germany VAT registration so we didn’t do that. What to do now?


Our account was blocked yesterday. Now we are appealing to Amazon about their blocking with the reason our sales did not reach the threshold. So far we did not get their reply yet. Today we sent complaints to Amazon and explained the real difficulty from small sellers like us. We told them registering a VAT is not a issue, but the real issue is accounting cost. We have checked most accounting is charging over euro1000 a year. When your sales are small, it takes too big portion to cover the cost. We suggest all sellers send complaints to Amazon and let them know our difficulty. Maybe there will be some policy changes.