You may no longer be able to sell on Amazon From 01 March 2019


Our account was blocked yesterday. Now we are appealing to Amazon about their blocking with the reason our sales did not reach the threshold. So far we did not get their reply yet. Today we sent complaints to Amazon and explained the real difficulty from small sellers like us. We told them registering a VAT is not a issue, but the real issue is accounting cost. We have checked most accounting is charging over euro1000 a year. When your sales are small, it takes too big portion to cover the cost. We suggest all sellers send complaints to Amazon and let them know our difficulty. Maybe there will be some policy changes.


No offence intended, but your acounting costs are not actually Amazon’s concern.
You either comply with their requirements, and the law, or you don’t get to sell. They are not going to make exceptions for you and others who cannot do the accounting themselves and find the costs too high to contract out.


Welcome to the real world.
What makes you think accounting should be free of charge? Or the need to pay for accounting is unfair and therefor you don’t want to pay taxes?!?
The rules are pretty much the same for everyone. Btw. we pay several thousands of EUR per year for accounting, even doing 95% of the work.


It does not mean we are looking for free accounting. It means when accounting cost is too high for small sales, it makes no sense to sell.


Then Amazon have done you a favour in closing your DE listings and saving you the hassle of doing so.