You may no longer sell on Amazon


Been waiting for a response after multiple replies have now received the following below. How do i proceed now as i have given everything they asked and was told they are still verifying without asking for any additional info. The only document i needed to give was a letter of authorization and i provided them that.


You may no longer sell on Amazon. As a result, we are not able to assist with this request at this time.

Please review your performance notifications for information on how to resolve your account status. You can view warnings and notifications we previously sent you about your violations via email by viewing the Notifications page in the Performance section of Seller Central:

Once you have addressed the issues on the account, you may resubmit your request by emailing

To learn more about subscription fees, visit the following page:

Seller Performance Team


You need to view the warning notifications and act to remedy the violations that they highlight.
Once you have done that then send an email to the payments team as shown.


Ok next question where are the warning notifications? If i go back to the 9th of June i got this below. That tells me nothing but in performance health section it asked for a letter of Authorization which i provided and also submitted in an Appeal with my ID+Letter but yet i still received the original response above so haven’t been asked to provide anything extra nor have i been told if i am missing something/violated anything. (Just clarify they asked for the letter of Authorization on the 9th of June as well)

Dear Seller,

We were unable to verify the information you
provided when registering for a Selling on Amazon payment account and,
as a result, your Selling on Amazon payment account could not be opened.
Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to continue to sell
on Amazon.

Please take appropriate steps to resolve any open
orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee
claims and chargebacks may be deducted from the balance in your existing
Seller Account.

Please do not hesitate to contact Seller Support with any questions you may have:

Kind regards,
Amazon Payments


Can anyone provide any more info on what they need?


The information you supplied when you created your account did not match or you were unable to provide the correct documentation to support your account application. They won’t tell you what was wrong. You need to check the details in your account settings and figure out what doesn’t match any documentation they have sent, or if you failed to submit anything.


Ok but what email do i send this all to if i find things that dont match and also i have other cases still showing as transferred. Lastly is their a list of documentation they so i can triple check they all match.


about 6 weeks ago a lot of us who had individual accounts were advised we needed to change to sole trader / business accounts. We submitted the change of account type and then provided the following information:

Business type, name and registered address,
Business owners and share holders,
Nominated representative of the business and and authorisation letter from the company to state this.
copies of bank statements to show that the business name matches the legal company / trading name.

We were given 28 days to provide this information and those who did had their accounts verified.

Performance notifications can be found by clicking on the little flag next to the amazon seller central logo on the main dashboard. Also check settings and account info as the verification team will highlight in red anything thats missing. Also check ALL email addresses amazon might have, they may have asked for something simple and because you have missed and email, you have been suspended.


Try e-mailing to see if they will clarify what was wrong with your documents.


Ok so i have replied to but sitll no response.

Can some clarify exactly what infromation and format Amazon require to verify i can double check as i have seen people say you need to use peronal bank statement for proof rather than the business bank account etc.


The account owner information displayed on your bank account statement needs to exactly match the registration details present in your Seller Account.

Unfortunately, there is no way how to speed up the verification process. This normally takes anything from a few days to weeks.


Ok what information does the bank statement need to match? It has both my full name and the address of the business which matches perfectly to my account. I submitted an email with all the documents again and received no response but amazon did make a 1 pound charge against my business bank account which is confusing.


Also just checked the Identity Information page which says “Your account has failed our verification process. Please see your email for additional information.” and i noticed there it has my business name but only first line of the address and the postcode but no town or county is displayed and then my email at the bottom. Could that be the problem?


Does the info match exactly, space for space, comma for comma and letter for letter?
Everything needs to be an exact match as it is bots reading who will reject if there are any discrepancies in format or wording.


This says a lot. This is not how real life is, amazon needs to do better. Formats change all the time


It’s not that hard to get everything lined up, or the site wouldn’t be awash with sellers…


Well a lot of people also run off.


Yer ok so once again has another 1 pound charge from amazon with no explanation as to why this has happened twice in the space of 2 weeks and well i noticed that my identy information only has by business name and postcode with first line of address and my business address has the full address. Whats the difference.

Also has an email today saying

My name is Kevin, and I am a member of the Seller Performance Escalations team. The Amazon UK Managing Director Doug Gurr received your email and I am responding on his behalf.

Your account is under review. During the review process, you will not be able to sell on

Also even if the information is wrong i see zero option to change it so what do i do?


These are authorisation charges which purpose is to verify the validity of your credit card on file.


Ok but my card and bank account has already been verified so what exactly could they be checking? Or are they validating the card to an address etc?


This validity check happens EVERY time that an attempt to disburse is made, it’s not a one off test.