Your account is at risk of deactivation


today i have got this message

Your account is at risk of deactivation

  • Your Order Defect Rate is 3.03%; the target is 1%.

i sale 34 item and received 1 negative feedback only

what can i do now

please suggest


Don’t worry, Amazon will not suspend you immediately after exceeding the ODR targets, over a single defect.

They usually allow the metrics to be a bit over the 1% before the poor account health gets reflected in any way.

Since your account is already in the “At Risk” status, at this point, any additional defect could possibly get you suspended.

So you will need to monitor your metrics very carefully and ensure that no further defects are received.


Hi @vmmarketinggurgaon,

Were you able to identify the reason for this negative feedback?

Is it an issue you had with some other orders without receiving a complaint?

As @Kika correctly says, your account is at risk because of the higher rate, but you will be first contacted by us before there would be any action necessary from your side.

For now try to identify why you received this complaints and how you could solve it and prevent it.

Hope this helps.


Same situation. My account is at risk of deactivation. Only one positive feedback in last two months and one buyer with an invalid address left negative for item not received. Cannot resolve it as buyer hasn’t responded to any of my messages, postal address is invalid as no property number or property name, street or road on the address. Intelligible for feedback removal under feedback manager. Reported under cases for buyer abuse, invalid address, appealing against feedback. Canned amazon messages, all cases closed automatically. Phoned amazon twice and spoke to staff who have a poor command of the English language and who are not allowed to speak to feedback department. Told to reopen a case. Several more cases open and shut. Latest case says if I continue to open cases I will risk deactivation of my account. In my opinion Amazon needs to seriously up its game as to treat sellers like this is beyond reproach. Had a similar situation on eBay which was resolved over the phone within 5 minutes. One week of messaging buyer here, ringing Amazon and opening cases results in zero action and risks further penalty. I can’t write to the buyer as their address is invalid. The buyer won’t respond to my Amazon messages. Amazon forbids a seller to phone a customer and there is no phone number listed anyway. How on earth should one buyer be allowed to abuse the buying system and Amazon won’t take any action. How Amazon can think it is a reasonable system to allow negative feedback to remain on a sellers account and cause risk of deactivation when they left an invalid address on their order is beyond comprehension. It’s not fair, reasonable or comprehensible. No other online platform treats its sellers like this. A seller should not have to sell their products at a loss just to try and get out of this mess. Amazon needs to seriously upgrade its flawed systems and policies.


This will probably be okey once you do the dispatches on time and manage to get more positive feedback from your customers


Positive feedbacks don’t improve your ODR. It seems to be a misconception repeated on the forum. The % is worked out from the order numbers in that time frame - NOT feedback numbers.