Your account is at risk of deactivation


I have this message on my account:

"Your account is at risk of deactivation

A critical event has occurred with your account that has caused it to be at risk of deactivation"

I have had a look at it and it is all to do with late dispatches but the problem I have is that I dont get the tracking numbers from our warehouse until the day after dispatch. I have tried to change the handling time so that I get more time to put the order information on but it hasnt made any difference to the length of time we get.

I was hoping to be able to speak with someone at Amazon to get this resolved and get this deactivation threat removed but it seems the only way to get help is to ask on here!

Would be glad of any help.


What is your current handling time? Have you checked that the handling time is uniform across all of your marketplaces and shipping templates etc.

Before you dispatch, you get immediate notification that you are late and made aware that this is a problem before your metrics kick in.


I have changed it from 1 day to 2 days and set my working days as Monday to Friday with a cut off of 3.30pm yet orders I received on Friday evening after the cut off, were showing that I was late when i signed in at 7am on monday, then I got an order last night at 5pm and it tells me that I need to dispatch today!


There is a delay on the cut off time between when the customer places the order and for it to come through as fully processed. 3.30pm is quite a late cut off time if you finish say around 5pm.

I would change your cut off time to 2pm. Also do you have any other marketplaces active? Double check that all of the handling times are consistent.

The reason why I state this and it can be a bit of an anomaly is if you have your handling time in say Germany at 1 day and I was to enter the German marketplace, everything would appear as a buyer to me in English and I would think I am on the UK site. Your items although in the UK would show availability. However the handling rules would be picked up from that marketplace and applied. As a seller you would be none of the wiser that German settings were kicking in.

This is only a theory but there are many reasons why the settings are not showing and as per Amazons requests if your account is suspended or deactivated, you must find out the root cause.


Hello @Oriton_Tools,

This is Noor from Amazon to help you with your concerns. Thank you for providing insight into your current account status. My goal is to give you further guidance on the next steps.

Going through your post I understand that you have concerns with the Late Dispatch rate which is high.

As per the policy, it is important that the orders are being shipped and confirmed within the handling time set. If you fail to ship and confirm the orders within the handling time, then that will be counted against your late shipment rate.

Firstly, I would like to explain the role of late dispatch rate on our end.
As soon as you confirm dispatch, we do the following :

  • Charge the buyer for the order.
  • Credit your seller account for the order.
  • Send a dispatch confirmation email to the buyer.
  • Update the buyer’s Amazon account with the dispatch information. The buyer can then see the status online.

Please note : If you do not confirm dispatch of an order within seven business days of the dispatch availability date, we will automatically cancel the order. We will not charge the buyer, even if you already dispatched the order.

It’s important to confirm the shipment of orders by the expected ship date so that customers can see the status of their shipped orders online. Orders that are ship confirmed late may lead to increased claims, negative feedback and/or customer contacts and negatively impact customer experience. Adjusting your handling time can help prevent late shipments; please visit the Manage Seller Fulfilled Products page to view your recommended handling time and adjust it as needed.

You can find this information in our help pages.

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we or any of the sellers on forum can help you.