Your ad has been suspended as it does not satisfy ad policy requirements


Anyone ever found a solution to this ? Noticed my sales were way down ,starting a few days ago ,so checked my sponsored ad group to find most of my sponsored items had been marked “Invalid” in red . Clicking on them brought up above message … Examples are B0968B6LMV or B09682V3JX ,one of which always has the "Amazons Choice " badge …


Have they been search suppressed for not meeting image guidelines ?


They are not search suppressed and indeed, all still appear on the first page ( of seven), but sales are suddenly way down .I suppose that answers the question of whether sponsored ads work or not ! This appears to have happened to six items all at the same time, with “not approved” appearing in a column …


Not entirely sure what the products are tbh (sorry) but as they mention salt, brine , shrimp etc, have they been flagged under HFSS ?

Edit check browser nodes too as they don’t seem to be under a category heading either


They are aquarium fish food - they don’t care if fish get high blood pressure - but…this is Amazon , so I would be surprised by nothing …


Sorry I added an edit too re browser node

If you go to help page, you should have a box there that says
Why is my listing or offer not displaying? And you can enter the asin


Hi ,they are all displaying ,it is just the sponsored ads they are suspended from… I’ve just noticed that they have been assigned to bizarre , wrong , categories ,and when I request for this to be changed , I am refused …Giving up for today …


Check there’s no adult flag either

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