Your selling privileges have been removed


Urgent help and advice needed, we received the following message from seller performance:

Your Amazon selling account remains deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you and may be held for 90 days or longer. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account.

Why is this happening?
This decision was made after reviewing both your account and the information provided.

We previously sent in the following Plan of Action:

Dear Seller Performance team,
Thank you for the opportunity to appeal our seller account suspension. We take full responsibility for this issue, and would like to share our Plan of Action, which will explain what we have done to find the root causes, solve the issue, and prevent recurrences.

What went wrong:
• Several customers reported issues regarding their orders. We received complaints about non-receipt and late delivery in the form of A-Z claims and negative feedback’s.
• We failed to use a reliable shipping carrier, which would provide us with proper tracking information to be able to locate packages and ensure their timely delivery to customers.
• We failed to help customers track their orders when the issue was raised.
• Courier service used took longer to deliver than promised.
• We take full responsibility for this issue and would like to share our plan of action, which describes how we’ll prevent this from happening again.

What we have done to resolve problem:
• All customers who reported delays of delivery and non-receipt item have been fully refunded.
• We responded to all customer messages in a timely manner and apologised for the inconvenience this has caused.
• We’ve had a team meeting to discuss and put together a plan, to resolve similar situations in the future.
• We shipped all remaining and pending orders received up to the suspension notice immediately.
• We have extended our Shipping Settings, from 5-7 days to 7-10 days. This will allow a more realistic delivery time expectation.
• We have downloaded the Amazon seller app to our smart phone, this will allow us to monitor our account and communicate with our customer much quicker.
• We have carefully reviewed all Amazon policies and guidelines, especially the ones regarding the minimum performance targets and requirements to ensure that we exactly know what Amazon expects from us. This will help maintain our account in good status. We now have a greater understanding on what is required, and are confident that we’ll not violate this policy again.

What we will do to prevent similar complaints in the future:
• All customer messages will be answered on time, return request will be authorised within 24 hours. All orders will be shipped and confirmed as dispatched on time.
• All orders will be sent tracked, this will provide us tracking number for every order and a signature proof of delivery. This will stop both none and late receipt of items complaints as we will be able to fully track the status of each order.
• In the event that the item ordered is not delivered or delivered late, we will continue to work with the customer until the problem is resolved, and if necessary issue a replacement item, or issue a full refund depending on the customer preference.
• We will proactively check orders and if we see any possible problems or delays, update customers immediately
• We have increased our handling time to cover any unexpected order processing delays
• At the first sign of something that may cause potential shipping delays, we’ll put our account
on holiday mode, to allow us time to rectify
• We’ll be closely monitoring our account metrics to ensure that we are within Amazon’s targets.
• The principal root cause is non-receipt and late delivery of orders, all items will be sent tracked. This will stop both none and late receipt of items, using this method we’ll not see any future issues of this nature.
• We read carefully Amazon’s selling policies.
• We follow all of Amazons policies and guidelines on selling.
• We understand that Amazon values customer experience extremely highly. Having read Amazon policies and guidelines, this has helped make us a better seller.

We believe, that this plan sufficiently addresses the issue and will prevent it from occurring again. We look forward to having our selling privileges restored, if granted reinstatement, we’ll serve the customers of Amazon to the highest possible standard as outlined in this appeal.

We would really appreciate any help we can get to appeal this.


So, you have been originally suspended due to ORDER DEFECT RATE ( ODR ) ?

Can you post here your original suspension notice?


Hi P-L_Legends,

The Plan of Action mentioned in the post does have viable points, however we would recommend to provide more details about the cause of the issue and also the action taken to eradicate the issue.

As you have identified logistics being the reason of inefficiency, it would be good to consider and review your present association capabilities to support you in the long run.

The seller performance team expects a Plan of action which is not only viable in writing but is also followed and abide by. So, please ensure that your action plans as illustrated in writing is also effective in the practical ways.

It would be in the best interest of the account if the performance graph is reviewed for the recent pass to understand the drivers of the performance metric and prepare a plan to ensure account health is maintained as per Amazon’s policies.

Hope this was a helpful read,

Good Wishes,



Why is this happening?
Your order defect rate exceeded the target of 1%. Amazon’s Order Defect Rate Policy can be found at (

How do I reactivate my account?
Please review your orders to determine the cause of the defects. You can appeal any A-to-z claim, negative customer feedback, or service chargeback that you believe should not be counted in your order defect rate by visiting the following links:
– Appeal A-to-z Claims: (
– Request removal of seller feedback: (
– Appeal Chargeback Claims: (

Additionally, please send a plan of action that explains:
– The root cause(s) of the A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks
– The actions you have taken to resolve A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks
– The steps you have taken to prevent A-to-z claims, negative feedback and service chargebacks going forward

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