Your opinion. Is Amazon good or bad for sellers


We see so many problems here on Amazon forums from usually new sellers that are looking for advice. What about Amazon as a whole, do you like Amazon? and if not then how can it be approved?

Personally, I both love & hate Amazon equally. I love that they use metrics to ID the sellers that have the same goal (being customer focused) but equally hate the lack of experience from seller support. Its hard when the support is outta country and they have no idea about the English language and that it varies just as greatly as the buyers that use this platform.

I miss the Irish support as they understand English and its diversities. We have adapted to a point beyond I ever expected in terms of security to fraud. If you are new to the platform then you will no doubt learn too. Its very rare for us to be conned!!! because our years of experience have adapted us to the marketplace. If your good you’ll adapt too! If not… there is always the other platform…

Amazon, improve support support per country. English=United Kingdom not India, S.Africa, Canadia, etc…etc!!! When google translates Dolphin clicks will we expect Support to come from Dolphins?

We love you but love us back, it will only end in divorce.


+We see so many problems here on Amazon forums from usually new sellers that are looking for advice. What about Amazon as a whole, do you like Amazon? and if not then how can it be approved?+

Lots of ways it can be improved, lots of negative things to say at the end of the day regarding certain things.

However, way I see it, would we make as much money without Amazon? And for us, we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t be far off, but it helps for what we sell and is an easy platform in that sense.

With the faults, and the ‘wtf amazon’ type moments/decisions, we are better off selling with them then if we weren’t

We don’t rely on them however, we do far better on Ebay but with different items, but just have to take the faults and whatnot, the profits far outweigh anything else.

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Perhaps we should start using other native languages.


If you gave ever read Dilbert cartoons, seller support were trained by catbert.

As a company we use amazon so long as we make money. We do not trust them and we do not limit ourselves just to amazon.
If we stop making money we will instead take business elsewhere. Nothing personal, just business.


+“If you gave ever read Dilbert cartoons, seller support were trained by catbert.”+



“they have no idea about the English language”

Neither do many sellers. Ahem.


Prefer to be in control of my business myself unfortunately that’s not possible with ebay or amazon,
I’m split 50/50 with amazon, sometimes I really dislike it here, I suppose I’m a little bitter with how things have changed here. I also don’t like the way they treat sellers, suspended because a misguided or lying buyer can put your account in jeopardy, that’s crazy, feel ebay are a bit more seller friendly.


I don’t have a doubt on this one. Amazon is an excellent platform, for the policy abiding seller.

That said, I do agree that seller support has gone downhill with the insurgency of seller support from abroad, in particular philippines. I don’t know what to make of them. Are they lazy or incompetent or both. But I do know one thing and that annoys the very soul out of me and that is that the philippines seller support team is downright dishonest! In fact I feel I have been subject to day light robbery after each case they handle.

They do not resolve a single case. It is something I have sadly accepted over time. You request a listing to be updated. They will close it and say “it will be updated in 24 hours” and that would never happen, even after several 24 hours have past, guaranteed. You open a question seeking fba support. They would utter some nonsense that makes no sense close the case without resolving. You open a case on reimbursement and they would trot out some lies and again close the case. The best they would do is copy a policy from a page we can all see even though it would be totally irrelevant to the query you have. They are incompetent. They are lazy. They have never heard the term “pro-activeness” in offering support or “empowerment” of sellers although I am pretty sure that their job description might have these that they don’t seemed to have taken notice because they are busy grabbing jobs without grasping the seller model of support! Their underperfomance is totally soul destroying.

But what drives me up the wall is their dishonesty. They refuse to leave us the chance for feedback. I have about 12 cases open, taken on by them, left the case unresolved as is their hallmark but they have also not left feedback although they have resolved as per their phone call or their final note.

I am angry! I am angry that I fund this dishonesty and underperfomance.

But none of this has prejudiced my view and opinion about amazon. It is still the only greatest online platform ever. the rubbish seller support perfomance from Philippines does affect my experience but not the overall morale because amazon is fair, it is very cleverly devised to understand each sellers’ trading behaviour and integrity. No seller can claim 100% feedback and get away with the problems in orders which many sellers tend to hide by offering refund or apologising in private. Amazon is watching, it has a system in place to make sure that we offer a good service. I am very passionate about amazon. The infrastructure built for each and every user, be it seller, buyer, warehouse and others is just awesome. Amazon is here to stay, with or without you and me and even the bad apples among seller support. In fact amazon is right there on the map not without reason!

So I would say that amazon is good for good sellers and bad for bad sellers and so it should be. I am waiting for that day when amazon becomes bad for bad seller support too!


Brilliant, a reflection of my thoughts. Amazon closed my sellers account, i resolved the issue, but they have not opened my account. instead they reply to my emails with a generic “we are looking into this matter”.
The other day I uploaded a really long text i found on Wikipedia about Charles Dickens, i still received the same generic email back.

I truely hope Amazon crashes and burns!!

There is no such thing as working with Amazon… they do not want it!

Are there any alternatives except eBay?

BTW, i also sell through eBay, they have been fantastic!!! The same products, the same usage by me ZERO problem… Amazon on the other hand have been a complete nightmare… especially frustrated at trying to work with Amazon or getting a human on a telephone that has any kind of power within…
I have never been SO frustrated when dealing with a company. Crash & Burn Amazon!!!


We’re a company which is getting larger by the year. Just last month we were 80% or something on year. Amazon is a great example of the growth we make because it’s always increasing. Sometimes we do face some struggles but overall it’s a profitable channel.

There’s no real need for opinions on it ultimately, it comes down to whether it is manageable, profitable and busy. Which it is.


What Amazon does well is get the customers for us, well i say us, they get them for themselves, and if they do not have the product, they can call on other sellers to fill the gap and therefore keep the customer coming back.

For us sellers, they make it easy for us to add products to the catalog, they make it easy for us to sell internationally.

In theory, they keep all sellers in check with the metrics and therefore raise customer services overall.

As a seller, when reading these boards, and read posts about account suspensions due to a customer complaining about a particular product, i think that Amazon must use a sledge hammer to crack a nut, but in reality for me, its happened 3 times and each time it was only the product itself that was suspended and then reinstated fairly quickly once evidence supplied.

When i changed bank accounts recently, i went through partial verification and was given 30 days to supply the documents requested,(it took 1 day), before my account would be suspended, but when you read some of the posts, you would be reluctant to change anything for fear of being suspended.

What i do not like about Amazon is the sanctions, perceived or otherwise, that we get for A-Z claims & negative feedback, not the ones we deserve, but the ones where the customer either opens an A-Z without contacting us or leaves a Negative feedback with a question like “wheres my Item”, again with no previous contact.

Its the silly, “sorry we cant do anything about it” response from Seller Support, when a customer request a cancellation of an order without using the correct Order Cancellation request and you have tried to get them to do it, to no avail so you have the choice of cancelling the order and receiving a defect or marking as dispatched and refunding and therefore paid Amazon some fees for the privilege.The evidence is there in Amazon messages!

We also sell on eBay and attend their Seller Council a couple of times during the year and the dialogue is definitely two way, we have the opportunity to bring up pain points for us and in return we give feedback on future plans. I feel listened to.

A couple of months ago i visited Amazon HQ in Holborn with about 40 other sellers, of which one was someone i knew from eBay seller council, and the atmosphere was completely different, there was an element of fear if you spoke up and complained about something, your name would be recorded and you would dealt with later!, when i plucked up enough courage (perhaps an over dramatization), to raise a concern about sending items like a £50 Disney ornament that comes in a gift box into FBA to discover that all Amazon do is stick a shipping label on the outside and put it into the post, i was categorically told that this does not happen, to which a few more sellers then risked going into the book by backing up what i raised.

There were a couple of other points raised and the impression i got was that Amazon employees there, absolutely firmly believed that what they were doing was a 100% the right and best way forward despite any concerns raised by sellers. I didn’t feel listed too.

In summery, i like most of the black & white approach Amazon have on most things, but occasionally there is some Gray.


What highlights to me the amount of fraudulent activity is the number of parcels claimed to be ‘lost’ that are not received back.
RM are good at returning genuine undelivered ones - I had one last week where the recipient never collected, so it came back to me.
Theoretically any undelivered items will be returned as long as sender’s address on it.


We don’t sell on eBay so can’t comment on the different experience there but a major difference with Amazon is the volume of returns.

We sell a tenth of our website turnover here but get easily 10 times the returns.

Same products different customer profile.

Sometimes I get the impression some customers just use it as a rental site.


Yes, some do, and sadly, increasingly have learnt how to play the system and get goods and a refund by basically fraudulent claims and activity, made even easier by some of Amazon’s own policies and procedures.
There are many honest buyers out there though !


You’re right, many honest buyers but oddly when I post an Amazon order I’m not convinced it’s the last time I’ll see it :grinning:


They are no different from any other online 3rd party market place.

Use them as an outlet but don’t rely on them for your business.

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