Your shipment plan cannot be created at this time


Received below notifications when trying to create FBA shipment.

Inbound Performance Alert – Shipment. Your shipment abilities have been temporarily suspended because of repeated problems. In order to resolve the matter and reinstate your ability to create or modify shipments, please open your Case Log and respond to the related case.

I had contacted seller support multiple times, some told me i need to acknowledge all the shipment problems, some told me its due to missing VAT number for DE, as long as i disabled pan eu storage, i should be fine…

Some told me i need to write a POA to seller performance ask them to reinstate, which i did but didn’t hear back. Please HELP !!


On your front page of SELLER CENTRAL hoover over the inventory button with your mouse and on the list of options that will appear, click on MANAGE FBA SHIPMENTS.
when you will get there you will be able to see all your previous shipments to Amazon.

Some of them will show red warning.

Click on those and there will be option to click on RESOLVE ISSUES.

when you will click on that, amazon will explain you what problem that particular shipping encountered and will request from you to ACKNOWLEDGE the problem.

You will need to do that for every shipment with the warning sign on.

Additionally I would suggest you to carefully read through those warnings before you will acknowledge them, so you can understand where those problems come from and avoid them in the future.

Hope this will help