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Remove inventory (overview)

You can request to return or dispose of the inventory you have stored in Amazon’s fulfilment centres using one of the following methods:

Removal fees are charged per item removed. For more information, go to FBA removal and disposal fees.

Note: You must upload the removal order file for cross border removal orders with a destination address outside your home store. For more information, go to Create a removal order to return outside your home store.

Try the tool below to create a removal order. Enter an FNSKU for a unit that you want to remove. To fix a problem with an existing removal order, enter the removal order ID or batch ID

Removal order process

Removal orders can take 10-14 working days to be dispatched from the fulfilment centre, and up to 30 working days or more during the holiday period (Prime week, October, November and December). You will be billed within 45 days of the removal.

Fulfillable inventory is available for buying until we remove it. If you do not want it available for sale, close your listing. To learn more, go to ‘Close a listing’ section in List products for Fulfilment by Amazon.

We cannot remove inventory in the following cases:

  • It is already scheduled for removal.
  • It is being processed for a pending customer order.
  • It is being shipped to another fulfilment centre.
Note: If your inventory cannot be removed for the above reasons, we will notify you with suggested action to take in order to successfully remove your inventory.
Note: Once a removal order is created, the address provided on the removal order cannot be altered.

Removal order restrictions

Removal order returns cannot be:

  • Dispatched to another fulfilment centre.
  • Used to fill customer orders.

For items classified as hazardous materials, only those that are Hazmat Transportation Regulatory Class (HTRC) 8 or 9 can be returned. Hazardous items that are not classified as HTRC 8 or 9 can only be disposed of.

To ship to an address outside of Europe, go to International Returns providers.

Removal order packing and shipping

When you request that inventory be returned to you, it is packed at the fulfilment centre and shipped to the address you specify. It may be shipped in multiple shipments and from multiple carriers if the items are located in different fulfilment centres.

Inventory that was delivered to the fulfilment centre in case packs is returned as individual items and packed in boxes or pallets as appropriate to the delivery.

Cancelled removal orders

We may cancel a removal order once it is submitted, if the inventory is not available for removal. For example, it may be part of a pending customer order.

If we cancel a removal order, submit another request. The reasons to cancel can be specific to the related product. If we cancel the second request, contact Selling Partner Support.

If you would like to cancel a removal order that you submitted, go to Remove inventory from a fulfilment centre.

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