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Customer service for Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders

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On this page you will learn about customer returns and refund requests as well as delivery inquiries for Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders. With Multi-Channel Fulfilment, you are responsible for all service issues related to the fulfilment of your customers' orders.

Customer Returns and Refund Requests

If your customers request returns or refunds for units fulfilled using Multi-Channel Fulfilment, you will be responsible for replacements, refunds and returns. Receiving and processing returns can be managed by you outside of Amazon's systems.

You also have the option to use Seller Central for customer returns using the process described below. If you elect to process a return in Seller Central, we will provide you with a shipping label for your customer to use to return the Unit directly to our fulfilment centre. Your customer will pay the shipping cost to return the item.

Use Seller Central to return a Multi-Channel Fulfilment shipment to an Amazon fulfilment centre

  1. Locate the shipment by going to Orders > Manage Orders and search for the order ID for the merchandise to be returned.
  2. Select the Order ID link to access the 'Order Details' page.
  3. Navigate to the 'Create Customer Return' tab.
  4. Once you find the product you want to return, choose a Return quantity, Return Reason and add Comments (optional) and select Submit.
  5. This will return a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and link to a shipping label with the return address.
  6. Provide this return address and RMA to your customer by either sharing the link provided with the RMA number, or if you prefer to send the RMA without Amazon branding you can create a pdf of the shipping labels. The customer will need to return the package and include the top label inside the box and the bottom label on the outside of the box for shipping.
  7. Track the status of the return in the Return Status tab.
  8. Once the product is received and processed at the Amazon returns facility, it will be returned to your inventory if it is in a condition where it can be resold. If it is received damaged, you will see one of the following statuses in the Returns Status tab.
  9. We allow a maximum period of 45 days for this return to be completed and returned to the fulfilment centre. If the order is not returned within this 45 day period, please contact Seller Support to pursue reimbursement.
Unit damaged Amazon or carrier at fault If the product is delivered damaged and either the fulfilment centre or the carrier is responsible for the damage, you can submit a claim for the damaged unit. If you process the return yourself, you will need to provide photos of the damaged unit when you contact Seller Support. If you use Seller Central to process the return, FBA credits your account for the Replacement Value* of the item.
Unit damaged or defective Amazon and carrier not at fault For any damage that occurs after a unit has been delivered, it is up to you to determine whether you will refund or exchange the unit. Amazon does not take responsibility for defective units or units damaged when not under the control of the fulfilment centre or carrier. If an item is damaged and Amazon or the carrier is not at fault**, you may wish to have the merchandise sent to you directly, rather than back to a fulfilment centre.

*The amount of the Replacement Value to be credited to your Seller Account will be calculated in accordance with the FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy and related FBA Service Terms of the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement

** Amazon reserves the right to refuse or dispose of any inventory that may be deemed unsuitable. Units marked for disposal will be added back to your inventory as unsellable before the unit is automatically destroyed. This may take up to three business days to be fully processed. We will reimburse you the Replacement Value of any returned units that are disposed of if the reason for the return was one for which Amazon takes responsibility. You will not be reimbursed for any other returned units that are disposed of. See Product Restrictions for more information.

Delivery enquiry

If a customer enquires about the date on which their order is to be delivered, the answer can be found by going to Orders > Manage Orders and searching for the order ID concerned. You will see the estimated delivery date in the "Order Details" section.

We reserve the right to determine the shipping method, which may include non-trackable options.

  • If tracking numbers are available, go to the carrier's website and check the shipment status. You can provide tracking numbers to customers so they have the option to track the packages on their own.
  • If tracking numbers are not available, ask your customers to wait for 10 working days past the maximum delivery estimate date.

Delivery of the shipment might have been delayed by the carrier. If the delivery has not arrived within 10 working days after the maximum estimated delivery date, file a case with Amazon Seller Support using the Contact Us form in Help. We will pay you the Replacement Value if Amazon takes responsibility in accordance with our Fulfilment by Amazon terms and policies. We may request from you additional documentation to substantiate your claim. In particular, we may ask you to confirm accuracy of your Fulfilment Request and for proof that the customer did not receive the item.

IMPORTANT: Claims for delivery issues to your customers must be submitted by you to us within 90 days after the maximum estimated delivery date.

Note: Amazon will reimburse you as the seller, not your buyer. It is your responsibility to close the case of the missing delivery with your customer.

You may choose to initiate another Multi-Channel Fulfilment order at any time to send your customer a replacement from your stock in an Amazon fulfilment centre.


  1. A seller creates a customer order for a £500.00 camera using Multi-Channel Fulfilment.
  2. Amazon picks, packs and delivers the order and notifies the seller that it has been dispatched. The seller receives a shipment confirmation e-mail and will see the order marked "Shipped" in Manage Orders.
  3. The customer contacts the seller saying "I did not receive my camera" (Amazon does not provide customer service for Multi-Channel Fulfilment items).
  4. The seller goes to the carrier's website and checks the status of the shipment.
  5. If the camera has still not been delivered 10 working days after the maximum estimated delivery date, the merchant contacts Amazon Seller Support explaining that the shipment was not received by the customer. Amazon Seller Support will then initiate a Replacement Value payment for the camera if Amazon assumes responsibility.
  6. If the seller chooses to create a second Multi-Channel Fulfilment order, Amazon sends another camera from the seller's stock subject to availability.
Note: Note: Amazon will not pay the seller before a waiting period of 10 working days has elapsed.

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