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Responsible Person dashboard

In order to help you prepare effectively for the requirements of the new Market Surveillance Regulation (EU) 2019/1020, which goes into effect in July 2021, Amazon has enabled a dashboard in Seller Central to allow you to declare your EU Responsible Person for your brand/ASINs. The following information aims to help you complete your declaration successfully.

For more background information about the new EU regulation and what it means for you, refer here.

Who can access the dashboard?

The Responsible Person dashboard is accessible to brand representatives/authorized resellers based outside of the EU (the UK is considered outside of the EU). Currently, access to the dashboard is restricted to brand representatives/authorized resellers in the Toys category. We will enable access for brand representatives/authorized resellers in other CE-marked product categories in the coming months.

Brand representatives/authorized resellers can access the dashboard here.

In addition, brands/sellers identified as being located within the EU will not be able to view this dashboard, and resellers who are not responsible for brands will also be unable to access the dashboard.

Why do I need to fill out this information?

The new Market Surveillance Regulation requires Amazon to verify that there is an EU-based Responsible Person for all CE-marked products fulfilled by Amazon. The dashboard allows brand representatives/authorised resellers based outside of the EU to declare their EU Responsible Person based within the EU in preparation for the new regulation.

What details do I need to fill out?

When you select your brands/ASINs, the workflow will guide you through the process of uploading your Responsible Person information outlining the required fields for completion. Note that due to the requirements of the regulation, the Responsible Person form will only allow you to upload an EU address as your Responsible Person is required to be based in the EU.

The dashboard allows you to provide the name of the entity acting as your Responsible Person and its contact details. There is a brand and ASIN workflow and you will be requested to specify if your Responsible Person covers all distribution channels (Universal) or just a specific distribution channel (Specific).

What is the difference between a brand and ASIN level Responsible Person?

When you follow the brand workflow, the Responsible Person information you fill out will be assigned to all ASINs associated with your brand.

When you follow the ASIN workflow, the Responsible Person information you fill out will be specific to the ASIN or ASINs you have chosen.

What is the difference between a Universal and a Specific Responsible Person?

A Universal Responsible Person covers all batches of the same product, regardless of the distribution channel. An example of a Universal Responsible Person is the brand itself or an authorised representative appointed by the brand.

A Specific Responsible Person covers only certain product batches sold through a specific distribution channel. An example of a Specific Responsible Person could be an importer who is the Responsible Person for only the products it imports on behalf of a brand.

My ASINs already have a brand owner assigned; what do I need to do?

If you have reviewed your ASINs in the dashboard and the Responsible Person information is present, and you can confirm it is correct for this brand, you do not need to take any further action. If you believe the brand information is not correct, we recommend that you contact your manufacturer or upstream supplier to confirm the correct information.

Workflow FAQ

I own a brand but it doesn’t appear in the list; what do I do?

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you register your brand in Amazon Brand Registry. If your brand is registered but is not appearing on the dashboard, we recommend that you contact Selling Partner Support to report this so we can investigate further.

I am filling out my Responsible Person information, but have encountered an error; how do I proceed?

If you are unable to complete the submission, we recommend that you contact Selling Partner Support, who can report the issue and investigate on your behalf.

I have received a notification to input my Responsible Person information, but I believe my product is not required to have a Responsible Person; what do I do?

If you believe you have received an email in error or your products are not subject to this requirement, we recommend that you contact Selling Partner Support to report this for further investigation.

I have completed my Responsible Person upload, but the details have changed; what can I do?

You can edit your Responsible Person information at the brand/ASIN level within the dashboard.

I do not currently have a Responsible Person in the EU for my products; what do I do?

We have created a separate Help page to explain the Responsible Person requirements. This page also outlines the options available to you to obtain a Responsible Person for your products.

I am an FBA seller and other sellers can access the dashboard but I cannot; what can I do?

The dashboard is currently only available to brand representatives/authorised resellers based outside of the EU (the UK is considered outside of the EU). If you are a brand representative/authorised reseller based outside of the EU, but cannot access the dashboard, contact Selling Partner Support who can report this on your behalf.

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