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Inbound performance alerts and feedback

When you comply with Fulfilment by Amazon's Packaging and prep requirements and Shipping and routing requirements and make sure that your carriers and suppliers do as well, it enables efficient and accurate receipt and storage of your inventory at the fulfilment centre.

Amazon notifies you about problems with your inventory shipments in the following three ways:

  • Inbound performance alerts
  • Inbound performance feedback in Seller Central
  • Email notifications

Performance alerts and feedback provide visibility into issues with your shipments. You can use the feedback to avoid problems in the future.

Note: You may be charged per-unit fees for services to resolve shipment issues and to receive your products. For more information, see Unplanned services.

Inbound performance alerts

Alerts are displayed as banners both on your Seller Central homepage and in your Shipping Queue.

If you send us a shipment or product that does not comply with our shipping requirements, we typically send you an inbound performance alert, and we may suspend your ability to send additional shipments of affected products until you resolve the issues.

See the Acknowledge the problem and Submit and view an investigation sections below for details about how to resolve shipment performance issues.

Inbound performance alert – product-related

When there are ASIN-related problems, Amazon suspends the ability to include that ASIN in new shipments until you have resolved the problem. You will still be able to create shipments for other ASINs.

You may receive alerts for the following product-related issues.

Category Problem types
Prep-related problems Poly bagging required Taping Opaque bagging required Bubble wrap required
Label-related problems Suffocation sticker required Barcode label missing Label required Barcode label inaccessible
Label and shipping-related problems Barcode label unscannable Barcode label mislabelled Expiry issue Product damaged upon arrival
Quantity-related problems Inaccurate item quantity in box Unexpected items found in box Unexpected item found in shipment Additional units encountered
Inventory placement problems Product or shipment sent to the wrong fulfilment centre

Inbound performance alert – shipment-related

When any of the problem types listed below takes place, Amazon suspends your shipment creation and modification abilities until you acknowledge and resolve the problem.

You may also receive shipment alerts for the following shipment-related issues.

Category Problem types
Safety and packaging problems Shipping box overweight Shipping box oversized Electrical hazard Sharp products hazard
Spilled products hazard Unacceptable pallet condition Improper packing materials Shipment ID not included on shipping boxes
Label-related problems Barcode label mislabelled Barcode label unscannable Suffocation sticker required Label required
Label/inventory placement problems Barcode label missing Barcode label inaccessible Product or shipment sent to the wrong fulfilment centre
FBA restricted products/quantity-related problems Restricted item Inaccurate number of boxes

Resolve the problem

If we suspend your shipping capabilities due to an inventory shipment issue, you can apply for the restoration of shipment creation privileges for that product by either acknowledging the problem or submitting an investigation request.

Acknowledge the problem

Follow the steps below to Acknowledge problems in Seller Central.

  1. On the Shipping Queue page, click Track shipment to the right of the shipment with problems.
  2. On the Shipment summary page, go to the Problems tab to see specific shipment or product-related problems.
  3. Click Resolve to see the problem details.
  4. To finish, click Acknowledge.

If you try to add a suspended product to a shipping plan on the Manage Inventory page, you will receive an error message if you have not acknowledged the problem.

On the Manage Inventory page, click Resolve Now to review and acknowledge the problem.

Note: We remove suspensions once you acknowledge the product or shipment with problems.

Submit and view an investigation

If you believe that a problem did not occur as described, follow the steps below to submit an investigation request.

On the Shipping Queue page, click Track shipment to the right of the shipment with problems. Then, on the Shipment summary page, go to the Problems tab, and click Resolve then Submit Investigation.

  1. Review the problem as reported. If applicable, we provide photos from the fulfilment centre, as well as guidance on how to avoid the problem.
    Important: For product prep issues, please check item classifications to verify the exact prep required for your product. For more information, see FBA Prep Video Tutorials.
  2. Click Submit Investigation to submit the request. We may request additional information from you.
  3. Wait three days. Once your submission is complete, we create a case and you will receive an email confirmation within three business days.
Note: You must submit a problem investigation request within 30 days of the date we notify you of the problem.

Follow the steps below to see the status of your dispute.

On the Shipment summary page, go to the Problems tab, click Resolve, then Submit Investigation. You can also review the dispute in your case log in Seller Central.

Inbound performance feedback in Seller Central

Shipping queue and shipment summary

You can see the status of all your shipments in the Shipping Queue. If there are problems with a specific shipment, you will see a red notification in the Name column.

Click Track shipment then the Problems tab to see the following details.

  • A list of merchant SKUs
  • The problems associated with them
  • The quantity of affected units
  • Coaching level
  • Fees (if applicable)

To see additional details and an image (if applicable) of the defect, click Resolve Now/View Details.

Inbound performance summary and report

Email notifications

In addition to alerts and feedback in Seller Central, Amazon sends email notifications about shipment issues.

We typically send one email notification per problem type for each shipment with issues.

For example, three of your shipments arrive at a fulfilment centre on the same day, and there are issues with two of them.

  • The first shipment has five items with unscannable labels. This generates one email notification.
  • The second shipment has one unscannable label and one item that was missing a label. This generates two notifications – one for the unscannable label and one for the missing label.

The email notification includes the shipment name, number, and date of receipt. We also provide a link to Shipping Queue, so that you can review the details of the problem.

Email performance alert notifications details

For product-level performance alerts, we typically send an email notification for each product subject to shipment creation suspension.

The notification summarises the problems we have identified with that product in the previous 90 days, along with the quantity of items affected.

We also provide a link to the affected shipment's Problem Summary page, so that you can review the details and acknowledge the problem.

For shipment-level performance alerts, you receive a single email informing you that your shipment abilities are suspended.

The email notification includes the shipment ID, the problems encountered and a link to the Problem Summary page.

Note: All email notifications are "on" by default. Follow the steps below to turn your alerts off.

  1. On the Seller Central home page, go to Settings in the upper right and select Notification Preferences.
  2. Click Edit located on the right of Order Notifications.
  3. Deselect Inbound Shipment Problem Notifications and click Save.

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