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Maintain enrolment in Seller-Fulfilled Prime

After successfully completing the Prime Trial period, you are automatically enrolled in the Seller-Fulfilled Prime programme. Once you have enrolled, in order to maintain the Seller-Fulfilled Prime status, you must continually satisfy the following criteria:

  • Maintain a Professional selling plan: You must have an account with a professional selling plan, and the account must be active and in good standing.
  • Buy Shipping from supported carriers via Amazon Buy Shipping services: For at least 98% of Prime orders, you are required to buy delivery labels from supported carriers for Seller-Fulfilled Prime via Buy Shipping Services in Seller Central.
  • On time Shipping: You must maintain an on-time shipment rate of at least 99% on all Prime orders.
  • Cancellation rate: Your cancellation rate must not exceed 1% on Prime orders.
  • Maintain minimum parcel per day requirements set by the Prime carrier that you are onboarded with:
    • Royal Mail: no minimum limit.
    • DPD: 2 parcels.
    • Amazon Shipping: 10 parcels (excluding letters).
  • Carrier collection time: For Standard or One-day Delivery Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders, the carrier must pick up from the seller’s location at or after 2.30 p.m. local time.

Performance requirement that you should also monitor to keep the customer experience bar high:

  • An On-Time Delivery rate of at least 97% on Prime orders where shipping was purchased outside of Buy Shipping services.

Controlling Prime order volume

If you want to limit the number of Prime orders coming to you every day, you can set a Prime order limit. See Control Prime order volume.

Suspension from Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Amazon will evaluate your Prime eligibility each day. If your performance metrics fall below the required levels, or if you violate the programme terms, your enrolment in the programme may be revoked. The Prime badge will be disabled on your offers. In the meantime, you may continue selling items on Amazon without Prime badging.

Restoring enrolment after suspension

If your eligibility to participate in Seller-Fulfilled Prime has been revoked, we will create a Seller Central case to inform you about the situation and instruct you on what to do next. We will require you to provide us with a Plan of Action to improve your performance. In such a case, send us a plan that includes the reasons behind the performance issues and a description of how you will address these issues within a defined time period.

Send your Plan of Action to us by replying to the Seller Central case that was created for you by the Seller Performance team. If your Plan of Action is approved, your eligibility to participate in Seller-Fulfilled Prime will be restored.

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