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Customisation Programme Terms for Sellers

These terms supplement your seller agreement and apply to your use of features that Amazon makes available to enable the listing, sale and fulfilment of customisable products (the “Customisation Programme”).


Registration is required to participate in the Customisation Programme. For more information, click here.

Customisation Data

You, Amazon customers or other third parties may make available images, illustrations, graphics, designs, fonts, text or other content in connection with the Customisation Programme (“Customisation Data”). If you receive an order for a customisable product that includes a third party’s Customisation Data, you may use that Customisation Data solely to fulfil that order, and may not retain it after the order has been fulfilled. You agree to verify that any Customisation Data complies with the Customisation Programme Terms and Conditions, including that it does not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights or any Amazon policies (including policies for Restricted Products and Prohibited Content).

You represent that you have all necessary rights to any Customisation Data that you make available to us, and that your Customisation Data does not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights or any Amazon policies (including policies for Restricted Products and Prohibited Content). In addition to the rights and licences that you grant Amazon to Your Materials, you also authorise Amazon to enable customers to share images of products using Customisation Data via websites, mobile applications and other online points of presence.

Misuse of Product Customisation

You are not allowed to list the following products under the Customisation Programme – personal computers, laptops, computer towers, video game consoles or tablets. This includes the refurbishing of the aforementioned base products.

When customers shop for customisable products on Amazon, they expect these products to be made on demand using the personal choices entered during the purchase process. Each custom field (for example, text input, image upload or configuration option) that the customer encounters when creating a customised product must serve the purpose of furthering the customisation of the customer desired product. Any attempt to manipulate custom functionality in a manner which circumvents existing Amazon policies, or misrepresents customised products, is prohibited. Prohibited behaviours include, but are not limited to:

  • Offering warranties: You are not allowed to offer any warranty (your own, third party or a manufacturer’s) as a customisation option.
  • Bundling: You are not allowed to offer add-on products that do not further customise the item. For example, if you are offering a custom phone case, you cannot offer additional charging cords or other off-the-shelf accessories.
  • Listing with a manufacturer’s UPC: Due to the nature of customisation fundamentally changing the manufacturer’s item, you are not allowed to use a manufacturer’s UPC when creating an ASIN. You can either enter your own unique GS1-certified UPC or you can apply for a GTIN Exemption.
  • Offering free promotions: You are not allowed to offer free items as a form of customisation. For example, if you are offering a standard car stereo, you cannot ask if the buyer would like a free air freshener as your customisation. Your base product must have an element of customisation.
  • Offering “yes/no” as a customisation: If you chose to use text or product configurations as your customisation, you are not allowed to offer a customisation that is a value of “yes/no”. This type of value does not add to the customisation of an item.

Violations and misuse of the custom feature set might result in loss of the custom feature set with the inability to reinstate.

For more context and guidelines, refer to the Amazon Custom Listing Guide.

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