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How do I use the different inventory templates?

Inventory Files Overview

This table provides general guidelines for choosing a inventory file for your situation.

File Type Use Case File Name More Info
Product creation and matching
  • Page does not exist in Amazon catalogue.
  • You have full product information.
Category-specific inventory files UIEE-files can also be used for books.
Product matching only
  • Page exists in Amazon catalogue.
  • You do not have full product information.
Inventory Loader The Listing Loader can also be used.
Inventory updates For updates to price or quantity only. Price & Quantity 7-column format.
Category-specific inventory files For non-BMVD files, use the PartialUpdate feature.
Update listing data only. Inventory Loader or Category-specific inventory files The Listing Loader can also be used.
Shipping options Update BMVD shipping service options per listing or by using batch file settings. Inventory Loader, Book Loader, Music Loader or Video Loader UIEE-Dateien allow batch updates only.
Change shipping amounts for specific products. Shipping Override Shipping Override are not available for BMVD products.
Product data changes Update data contributions to product pages. Category-specific inventory files For single products, use the Add a product tool.
Delete product and catalogue contributions. Use "Delete".
Inventory Loader Use "x".
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