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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

EU Luxury Stores programme terms

These Luxury Stores programme terms apply to your participation in the Luxury Stores invite-only programme. These terms supplement the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement.


Luxury Stores is an invite-only programme. If we invite you to join the programme, we will engage with you to determine which of your brands and products are eligible for Luxury Stores (“Luxury Eligible Products”).

Referral fee

The Luxury Stores referral fee is 20% for each Luxury Eligible Products in Fashion categories sold in Luxury Stores and 30% for each Luxury Eligible Products in Beauty categories sold in Luxury Stores.

Fulfilment fees

Standard FBA fees apply to luxury eligible products in Fashion and Beauty utilizing FBA. Return processing fees and order removal fees are waived.

Both the referral and fulfilment fees indicated above will be increased by 2% (for items sold on and 3% (for items sold on,, This adjustment is due to the Digital Service Tax (DST) applicable to sales made on those Amazon Sites. To facilitate understanding DST impact on fees, note that (i) to calculate the increase on referral fees rates that are percentage based, you should add 2% or 3%, depending on the Amazon Site where the item is sold, to the absolute fee amount. Note that the increase is not an increase of two percentage points; (ii) to calculate the increase on fees that are cash value (for example, FBA fulfilment and storage fees), you should add 2% or 3%, depending on the Amazon Site where the item is sold, on to the cash value.

Seller fulfilment with Luxury Stores

If you choose seller fulfilment, you agree to the following requirements for all Luxury Eligible Products.


Selling Partners agree to provide the shipping benefits described below for all seller fulfilled items:

Shipping speed Eligible addresses
Free three-day shipping All addresses in the EU, UK, and Switzerland.

You also agree to offer free shipping to Luxury Stores customers who select delivery options that are three-day shipping or slower.

Delivery label requirements

Selling Partners are recommended to buy all shipping labels for order through Buy Shipping. By using Buy Shipping, Selling Partners agree to our terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the applicable carrier or service provider for both delivery from fulfilment centre and returns shipping.

If you choose not to buy shipping labels through Buy Shipping, you agree to manually send us a shipment confirmation notification and the valid tracking number for each order processed on the Manage Orders page.

Customer service

  • You must to respond to any inquiries from Luxury Stores customer service within 24 hours on weekdays and by the next business day on weekends and holidays.
  • You must monitor any inquiries that come from customers through Buyer-Seller Messaging Service in Seller Central and forward them to and notify the customer about the same.
  • Amazon will address pre-order customer contacts but we will route inquiries to you if we determine additional expertise is required.
  • Amazon will address FBA order related contacts.
  • For seller-fulfilled orders, Luxury Stores customer service team will engage with the customer on your behalf, but you must agree to take order-related actions when requested by Luxury Stores.

Delivery guarantee

We display a guaranteed delivery date message for all seller fulfilled items eligible for three-day shipping. Luxury Stores customer service may provide full shipping cost refunds when customers contact regarding a late delivery, and may charge the seller’s account for the cost of any refund.

Customer returns requirements and policies

To ensure a great customer experience, all items are subject to the Luxury Stores return policies listed below.

Item Policy or requirements
Luxury Stores return policy You will comply with the return requirements under this programme policy and Luxury Stores return policy. Customers must receive free returns for all Luxury Products.
General return expectation Customers that request to return a Luxury Product under the Luxury Stores return policy during the applicable return window will have their return approved immediately and will receive a pre-paid return mailing label.
Seller-fulfilled return shipping location All returns of Luxury Stores items will be shipped to the return address provided in your Account Settings. Selling Partners are required to provide a return address in any of the following countries: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.
Seller-fulfilled charges for the return mailing label Selling Partners will be responsible for the cost of return mailing labels for all products.
Seller-fulfilled refund processing time All returned Luxury Products must be processed and refunded within two business days of the item arriving in your designated return location.
Refund amount If the returned Luxury Products meet the conditions specified in the Luxury Stores return policy or elsewhere under this programme policy, you must provide a full refund to the customer and not charge a restocking fee.
Delivery refunds If a customer complains of not receiving delivery of a Luxury Product when the package tracking information indicates it was "delivered," they should be directed to Luxury Stores Customer Service.
Hazardous material (Hazmat) items Customers will be able to call Luxury Stores Customer Service for a refund on these items if the returns transport provider does not support returns shipping of hazmat goods. Customer service may issue a refund for unreturnable items at their discretion. Amazon may charge the costs of any refunds to the seller's account. If you believe an item has been incorrectly classified as hazmat, contact your Brand Manager for assistance.
Customer returns exceptions To ensure a great customer experience, Luxury Stores may make case-by-case exceptions to the return policies, including accepting returns for items past the stated returns time frame.

Offer listings

Selling Partners can create separate offers for the same ASIN and list one of them as a seller fulfilled offer and the other as FBA. However, a given Selling Partner should upload inventory for only one fulfilment offer (either seller fulfilled or FBA) at any given time.


Selling Partners agree to meet or exceed the following performance:

  • An On-Time Shipment Rate of at least 99%
  • A Valid Tracking Rate for at least 99% of orders.
  • A Cancellation Rate of no more than 0.5% of orders.
  • An On-time Delivery Rate of at least 97% on orders where shipping was purchased outside of Buy Shipping Services.

Brand Registry requirements

You must enrol in Brand Registry and maintain an active Brand Registry account.

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