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Manufacturing lot number

Manufacturing lot number, also known as lot code or batch code, is used by manufacturers and retailers to identify products manufactured in different batches. The lot number is a unique identification number consisting of numbers or letters printed on the outside of the product packaging. The lot number is assigned to different groups of products (called lots or batches) as a way to track the individual parts or ingredients involved in the manufacturing of that product batch. The lot number can also be used to track labour and equipment records.

Is a lot number required for my FBA products?

No. The manufacturing lot number is an optional input that you can provide for your products in the Send to Amazon shipment creation workflow. Not all products will have a lot number.

What is the benefit of providing a lot number for my products?

A manufacturing lot number allows product tracking through stages of production and distribution. The lot number is used globally to track products from source to consumers, by retailers and brand owners, to recall products, perform quality controls, or quarantine products. Lot numbers allow Amazon to track product units at the lot/batch level. It may help in narrowing down the affected product during recalls, quality control or quarantine actions.

Are there any restrictions on sending products with a lot number?

Yes. Each SKU in a box may have only one manufacturing lot number.

Two or more SKUs in a box cannot have the same manufacturing lot number.

How is the manufacturing lot number assigned to a product?

Every company has a different method of assigning a lot number to a product. The manufacturing lot number can be based on the manufacture date, location, expiry date or a combination of numbers. Regardless, the lot number is a unique string of numbers or letters that is only applicable to that group of products. The same lot number must not be applied to a different batch of products. However, individual products from the same batch will have the same lot numbers.

What type of products have a lot number?

Not all products have manufacturing lot numbers. Examples of products that typically have a lot number include food, cosmetics, electronics, medical devices, personal protective equipment and pharmaceutical products.

Where is the lot number located on products?

The manufacturing lot number is often printed on the outside of the product packaging. It is typically found on the top, bottom or sides of the product packaging. The lot number must be unique, legible and durable for the life of the product.

In the food industry, the expiry date is the main traceability indicator. Therefore, if the lot number is not printed on the product packaging, expiry dates are typically used to trace product batches.

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