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Selling Services on Amazon offers the following advantages:

  • Access through to more than 97 million unique visitors per month.
  • Online order management, with 24/7 access to Seller Support.
  • Expanded payment options, including credit card, debit cards, checks, store cards, and Amazon gift cards, without any extra or hidden fees.
  • Referral fees only when a buyer purchases your services.

Selling Services on Amazon is currently available in select US locations only. For a list of available locations and services, see

Note: Selling Services on Amazon is currently in beta release phase. Registration and referral fees are waived until further notice. We will notify you before implementing a fee structure.

Account Setup

Before you can create your first offer, you need to complete your account setup. Go to the Settings menu and select Service Provider . On that page, review the following information:

  • Background Checks: Review the status of technician background checks.
  • Service Locations: Enter information about when and where you do business.
  • Resource Management: Add, edit, or remove service technicians. See Your Business Information for more information about background checks.
  • Licenses: Your business must have the appropriate licenses and permits to perform the services you offer on Amazon.
  • Insurance Information: Manage your insurance details. All service providers are required to carry certain insurance coverage limits. For more information about insurance requirements, see Selling Services Terms.

On the Settings menu, also review and complete the following information:

  • Account Info: Review your Seller Information, Business Address, and Deposit and Charge Methods. You must have a valid checking account and credit card on record in your service provider account. Without these two items, you cannot be paid. For more information, see How Amazon Transfers Payments.
  • Notification Preferences: Select which notification types you want to enable. Also verify your emergency contact information in the Other Notifications section.
  • Login Settings: Use this feature to manage your account login name and password.

After you complete set up, take some time to familiarize yourself with the following services that are available to you through your service provider account:

Selling Services on Amazon referral fees

Please refer to Selling Services on Amazon for details.

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