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FBA Small and Light

FBA Small and Light helps reduce the cost of fulfilling orders for small and lightweight FBA inventory priced under £9 (including VAT).

When you join this programme, your participating offers will be available to Prime members with free delivery, and standard delivery for non-Prime customers, with free delivery on orders over £20. Non-Prime customers pay a £0.99 shipping fee for a basket spend of less than £20.

Small and Light is subject to the FBA Small and Light Terms and Conditions.

Product eligibility

Only products in new condition that measure 30 x 22.4 x 2.4 cm or less, weigh 225 g or less, and are priced at £9 (including VAT) or less are eligible for Small and Light.

The product types listed below are not eligible (crushable products such as crisps and glass are eligible as long as they are properly packaged).

  • Category, Product and Content Restrictions
  • FBA prohibited products
  • Adult products
  • FSK18 or USK18 products
  • E-cigarettes or related products (whether or not they contain nicotine)
  • Hazardous products, including items that contain lithium batteries or magnetised material (for more information, refer to the Dangerous goods identification guide (hazmat))
  • Products that require sign-on delivery or other age verification process
  • Temperature-sensitive products (such as chocolates) during May 1 to October 14 due to the summer break for products containing chocolate
  • Products with existing FBA offers that use manufacturer barcodes for tracking instead of Amazon barcodes.

Product enrolment

Enrol eligible products through the Small and Light product enrolment page. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure that package dimensions and weights have been entered in Seller Central before enrolment.
  • Remove extra spaces before and after your MSKUs to prevent upload errors.
  • Make sure that you have entered MSKUs, not ASINs, into the enrolment file.
  • Always review your Processing reports for errors (for Professional selling plans only).
Important: The Small & Light program is a domestic fulfillment program. To use the Small & Light Programme on different Amazon Marketplaces, you need to create a distinct offer (FNSKU) per Marketplace and send your inventory in each country. The enrollment of an existing FBA offer on the Small and Light programme on one marketplace will automatically deactivate this offer on the other European Marketplaces. Check the shipping fees for each Marketplace here

For help creating new MSKUs see Start selling: List and manage inventory

Shipping Small and Light Inventory to Amazon

FBA Small and Light has its own prep-and-packing requirements and uses specific fulfilment centres. Refer to our Prep and packaging guide and ship your products to the fulfilment centre specified by Amazon. A minimum of 24 units per ASIN must be sent in each shipment.

Each individual unit must have a single, scannable barcode that uniquely identifies the product, such as an EAN, UPC, ISBN, GCID, JAN or an Amazon barcode (such as an FNSKU).

The barcode must be placed on the outside of the unit in a flat, easily accessible and scannable location. For example, it must not be placed on a curve, corner or seam of the package.

Failure to follow the Small and Light packaging and prep policies can result in your stock being moved to unfulfillable status. Unfulfillable or unsellable inventory will require a removal order where standard FBA removal fees apply. If you do not remove this inventory after 30 days of being identified as unfulfillable or unsellable, Amazon may dispose of it. For more information, refer to required removals.

Important: Through the FBA Label Service, we will apply an Amazon barcode to your Small and Light products for free. Additionally, you can use the FBA Prep Service to have us package and prep your Small and Light products for fulfilment for a per-unit fee.

Programme fees

Except for the fees below, all standard Selling on Amazon fees and FBA fees apply to Small and Light.

Inventory items that have been in our fulfilment centres for more than 365 days will be charged a monthly long-term storage fee. Non-media items will be charged a monthly storage fee of £4.39 per cubic foot. Media items will be charged the greater of either a monthly long-term storage fee of £4.39 per cubic foot or a minimum long-term storage fee of £0.10 per unit. The inventory assessment date will be the 15th of every month.

See FBA long-term storage fees for more information

The fulfilment fees for the program are as follows:

Fulfilment packaging type Letter Dimensions Item Dimensions Item Weight Outbound shipping weight* (g) Fulfilment fee per unit
Small Letter (including packing material weight = 8 g)

23cm x 15.5cm x 0.4cm 0-92 g 0-100 g £0.61
Large Letter (including packing material weight = 25 g)

30 x 22.4 x 2.4 cm 0-225 g 0-250 g £0.82
Note: If your product’s package dimensions (any side) or weight exceed any of the maximum values listed, move to the next tier.

*Includes packaging weight of: Small Letter – 8g and Large Letter – 25g. All fees are exclusive of VAT and other taxes that are payable by the merchant.

*Outbound shipping weight (g) = your unit’s weight + our Packaging Weight. The outbound shipping weight total is rounded to the nearest 1g. The weight of the packaging (our Packaging Weight) will be: Small Letter – 8g, Large Letter – 25g, and Extra Large Letter (25g).

Fee type Fee per unit
Removal fee £0.26

All fees are exclusive of VAT and other taxes that are payable by the seller.

To compare Small and Light fees with standard FBA fees, see FAQ 1 below.


You may see an error message when you try to enrol an item in Small and Light if your submission is missing information or if the product isn’t eligible.

See Small and Light error messages for more information about common errors and how to fix them.

Frequently asked questions

1. How is FBA Small and Light different from standard FBA?

Programme fees comparison:

The following table compares FBA Small and Light’s CEP fulfilment fees to the corresponding, standard FBA fulfilment fees:

Fulfilment packaging type FBA Small and Light FBA (small standard)*
Small Letter £0.61 £1.51
Large Letter £0.82 £1.67
*The pricing above is approximate and will be subject to change based on product specifics.

You can preview FBA fees, including those for the Small and Light programme, by downloading a Fee Preview report. Fees are subject to change, so check back on this page for updates.

2. What is the customer proposition difference between FBA Small and Light and standard FBA?

Small and Light FBA
Add-on programme Does not apply to Small and Light ASINs. ASINs are available to all customers without a minimum basket threshold. Applies to FBA ASINs and requires a minimum basket threshold of £20
FREE standard delivery for non-Prime customers with basket spend above or equal to £20 Applies to Small and Light ASINs. Non-Prime customers pay a £0.99 shipping fee for a basket spend of less than £20 Applies to FBA ASINs. Non-Prime customers pay a £4.49 shipping fee for a basket spend of less than £20

*If a customer purchases a Small and Light and standard FBA item but the overall basket is less than £20, the customer pays the Small and Light shipping fee for the Small and Light item and the standard FBA fee for the standard FBA item.

With an equal offer on both programs, standard FBA may provide a faster delivery promise which could impact Buy Box eligibility. For more information, see The Buy Box.

3. What happens if the price of one of my FBA Small and Light enroled products increases above £9?

The product will remain enroled in FBA Small and Light, but standard FBA fulfilment fees will apply. If the price of your product later drops to £9 or lower, FBA Small and Light fulfillment fees will apply again.

4. How do I disenrol offers from Small and Light?

Before disenroling offers, make sure there is no inventory left in Small and Light. Go to Remove products from the Small and Light programme to disenroll your offers.

For details on how to remove inventory, see Remove inventory from a fulfilment center.

5. How do I add/remove MSKUs from FBA Small and Light?

To add products to the programme, use the Small and Light product enrollment page. To remove products, use the Small and Light product removal page.

6. Can I offer an ASIN for both FBA Small and Light and also fulfil it myself?

Yes, you can have a Small and Light offer and a seller-fulfilled offer on the same product. However, please ensure that your programme offer is priced competitively relative to your MFN offer. Customers trust that they will find low prices on Amazon. Consistent with maintaining that trust, higher-priced FBA Small and Light offers may not win the Buy Box. For more information, see General Pricing Rule and The Buy Box.

7. Can I use my existing Merchant SKU (MSKU) when shipping units to a fulfilment center in the programme?

To use an MSKU for Small and Light, you must have one that is based on an offer in FBA. Enrol your seller-fulfilled offer in Small and Light and then convert it to FBA.

If you want both Small and Light and seller-fulfilled offers, we recommend creating a separate offer for each so that you have two MSKUs: one for Small and Light and one for seller-fulfilled. Update or create multiple offers at once using the Inventory Loader tool.

8. Are expiration-dated products allowed in Small and Light?

Yes, Small and Light accepts expiration-dated products, but temperature-sensitive products, like chocolates, are not accepted from May 1 to October 14. Small and Light follows the standard FBA requirements for expiration-dated inventory .

Products sent to Amazon must have a remaining shelf life greater than 105 days from the time of receipt by Amazon. Units that are within 50 days of the expiration date will be removed for disposal by Amazon. Units subject to disposal will not be available for return.

When shipping expiration-dated products to Amazon, make sure that each box has only one expiration date per product. Multiple units of the same product can be shipped together if all units have the same expiration date and are bagged or bundled together.

9. Once folded, my item complies with the Small and Light criteria. Will you fold items to make them fit?

Yes. When we receive an ASIN that fits in our packaging once folded, we will fold this for you a maximum of one time. You must place a label on the outside of the bag or box containing the foldable ASINs that clearly states your permission to have this ASIN folded. We will mark this FNSKU in our system, so that you only have to include the permission label the first time you send us a foldable ASIN. For more details, see our Packaging Requirements.

10. Does the programme offer customer returns?

Yes, with Small and Light, Amazon provides fulfilment and customer service for your orders, including processing customer returns.

For information on how Small and Light refunds and reimbursements will be applied to your account, see FBA customer returns policy.

Note: To ensure a great customer experience, we may accept returns beyond the time frame stated in these policies.

All refunds can be tracked in the Returns report.

11. How do I remove my inventory under FBA Small and Light?

You can create a Removal Order in Seller Central to remove your programme inventory, just as you normally would for your standard FBA inventory. Small and Light has a minimum removal fee of £0.25 a unit. Normally, removals (returns/disposals) can take 10-14 business days to pick, pack and process. However, removal times may increase to 30 days or more during peak removal periods, which occur in February, March, August and September. Please refer to Remove Inventory for more information.

12. When will I get paid for my sales?

Sales for items in the FBA Small and Light programme are treated just like standard FBA sales, and proceeds will be distributed at the same frequency. For more information, please see Getting Paid.

13. Can my offers be enabled for EU Export, the European Fulfilment Network or Pan-European FBA?

At the launch of this programme, your offers enroled onto Small and Light will not be eligible for EU Export (except Export to Austrian customers with a delivery address in Austria that is enabled) , the European Fulfilment Network or Pan-European FBA. The customer will see the "not exportable" message on the Detail and Checkout pages. You are not allowed to cross list SKUs with other EU locales. You must ensure that your FBA Small and Light SKU is GB-only. If an SKU is inadvertently enabled for the European Fulfilment Network or Pan-European FBA after you have enroled it in the Small and Light programme, please deactivate it.

14. Can I use FBA Small and Light for products that I sell on services and channels other than Amazon?

Yes, Multi-Channel Fulfilment works for FBA Small and Light. Please note that the regular FBA Multi-Channel fulfilment fees of the respective size and weight apply.

15. What reports are available to track my inventory and sales?

To track successfully-enroled Small and Light offers and Small and Light inventory levels in the warehouse, download the Small and Light inventory report. For sales and inventory data, see your FBA reports such as the Amazon Fulfiled Shipments (AFSR) and Inventory Reports under the Reports tab in Seller Central.

16. How do I preview the Small and Light program fulfilment Fees?

The Fee Preview column in the Manage Inventory and Manage FBA Inventory pages shows fees based on the standard FBA programme. We hope to update this feature soon to reflect the correct fees for products that are enroled in FBA Small and Light. You can see the correct fees for your enrolled products by downloading a Fee Preview report. The Fee Preview report can be found by visiting the Reports menu in Seller Central, selecting the “Fulfilment” link, and then selecting “Fee Preview” in the list of reports on the left.

17. What about customer service for my orders in the program?

We will provide fulfilment and customer service for your orders as we do for standard FBA.

18. Are there gift options available for FBA Small and Light items?

No, currently there are no gift options available for FBA Small and Light items.

19. I am also interested in learning more about standard FBA services. Where can I find more information?

Please refer to Fulfilment by Amazon for more information.

20. Can I sell Media products on Small and Light?

Small and Light is available for Media products that meet the eligibility criteria.

21. Are there different eligibility criteria for enrolment into Small and Light vs. the bulk file upload tool?

No, the eligibility criteria are the same.

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