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Policies and agreements

Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on Amazon. The products that you offer for sale on Amazon must comply with your seller agreement, including all applicable Amazon policies, and all applicable laws and regulations. Before listing products on Amazon, please ensure that you understand what is and is not allowed. To view your seller agreement and a more extensive list of related policies, see below.

What is allowed?

Here are some of the key requirements for selling on Amazon:

What is not allowed?

To sell on Amazon, you may not engage in any of the activities described in our policy on Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions. You also may not list products that:

What requires pre-approval?

Some categories, brands and products require Amazon’s pre-approval before you can list them. To find out more, please review Products requiring additional approvals.

What happens if I violate a policy?

Maintaining a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers is our top priority. We are constantly innovating on behalf of our customers to improve the services we offer and the ways we monitor our marketplace. When we identify a violation of our policies, we take appropriate action, which may include suspending or removing your selling privileges.

How do I report a violation?

We encourage sellers and other third parties to report activity that appears to be violating Amazon’s rules and policies.

Please send Notice complaints using the notice/contact form. Alternatively, you may email Notice complaints to .

Seller agreement and related policies

Make sure that you read and understand all applicable Amazon agreements and policies for the marketplaces in which you sell, as marketplaces may have unique policies and agreements. The following are the selling agreement and a number of additional related policies for selling on Amazon.

Why should I accept terms and conditions?

In order to sell on or on, or sites, you should accept the terms and conditions of the respective countries. Accepting all terms and conditions will give you easy listing access to all five Amazon websites so that you can quickly expand your business when you are ready, even if you do not want to sell on all the sites today.

If you do not wish to sell on or on, or sites, contact us at for the next steps.

Policies and agreements

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