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Amazon Merchant Transport Utility

Use the Amazon Merchant Transport Utility

The Amazon Merchant Transport Utility (AMTU) is designed to make sending files to Amazon and receiving reports from Amazon as simple as dragging and dropping files into a directory. AMTU runs automatically behind the scenes, uploading files from the relevant directory to Amazon and retrieving the results of the uploads. AMTU can also retrieve order reports from Amazon.

AMTU is available to all sellers and can be used in addition to other methods of exchanging data with Amazon. See the AMTU 2.4 User Guide.

AMTU 2.5 Features

  • Support for multiple seller accounts in a single AMTU 2.5 installation, with the ability to customise settings independently for each account
  • Support for all feed formats available to Amazon sellers
  • An optional graphical user interface (GUI), as well as a graphical install and uninstall programme
  • Automatic programme updates
  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • An option to install AMTU as a Windows service
  • Proxy support
  • Archive logs

New in version 2.5

AMTU 2.5 adds 64 bit operating system support and UTF-8 character encoding support.

Note: 32 bit operating systems will no longer be supported. However, users of 32 bit operating systems should continue using AMTU 2.4.

System requirements


  • AMTU 2.5 requires Java 8 or a later version
  • AMTU 2.5 requires a 64 bit operating system


  • Processor speed: at least 166 MHz
  • Memory: at least 64 MB
  • Hard-disk space available: at least 70 MB


  • Windows 2000 (SP3 and later)
  • Windows XP (SP1 and later)
  • Windows Vista (SP2 recommended)
  • Windows Server 2003 (R2 and later)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Leopard) with Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 2
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Linux installation that supports Java 8
  • JRE version 1.8

Upgrading from a previous version of AMTU

If you have AMTU 1.0 installed, you must uninstall that before attempting to install AMTU 2.5. Before you download the new version, make sure that you back up your existing data by clicking File and then Backup As. Select a backup location other than the AMTU folders. The uninstall process is covered in the "AMTU 1.0 Uninstall Process" section of the AMTU 2.4 User Guide.

Download and install AMTU 2.5

Before installing AMTU, download and carefully read the AMTU 2.4 User Guide. By downloading any of the application installer files below, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Apache 2.0 licence contained within the User Guide.

Platform Versions

Source Versions

Multiple Marketplaces Support

If you are registered to sell on more than one North America website, you can submit feeds either in English or in the language of that marketplace. For, you can submit feeds in English or in French. (See Guide de l'Utilisateur AMTU 2.4 for French-language instructions).

Note: When using AMTU to manage inventory for more than one North America website, make sure that you only upload inventory feeds to the folder for the correct site to avoid posting content in the wrong language. For example, content in French should not be uploaded to (See Boutiques francophone on the website).
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