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Why didn't I get paid?

Your payment might be on the way! It can take up to two working days for money to appear in your bank account after Amazon Payments initiates a transfer. Confirm the payment date of any statement period in the Statement View in your Payments Report.

Keeping your seller account up-to-date and in good standing are the best ways to ensure that you receive payments promptly. Here are common reasons for payment delays:

  • Funds are unavailable for payment because they are in reserve to ensure that you have enough money to fulfil any returns, chargebacks or A-to-z Guarantee claims. This is a normal part of selling on Amazon.
  • Bank account or credit card information is missing or invalid. Both are required for Amazon to initiate a payment, so ensure that both are up-to-date in your account settings.
    Note: Whenever you add or update your bank account information, a mandatory three-day security hold takes effect before we can initiate a funds transfer.
  • The account had a negative or zero balance at the time of payment. This could happen because of selling fees or product refunds. We might charge your credit card to cover the selling fees in this situation.
  • Shipment for an order was not confirmed.

Less common reasons for payment delays can include actions that we take in response to issues related to your account. In this case, you will find messages from Amazon with additional details in Performance notifications.

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