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Account settings FAQ

Why can’t I view some pages on Seller Central?

The rights and approval associated with your account determine which pages you can view on Seller Central. Rights and permissions for your account change based on things like if you have an Individual or Professional selling plan or if you use Amazon services such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

By default, the user who registers a new Seller Central account has access to every page and feature. This user, the primary account administrator, can use the User Permissions feature in Seller Central to grant other users access to their Seller Central account and control which features they can see.

Currently, only Professional and FBA sellers have access to the User Permissions feature. Individual sellers without FBA will not have access to User Permissions.

If you are unable to access a Seller Central feature or help topic because you do not have the necessary rights and permissions, ask your primary account administrator to give you access.

Some help topics are also visible without a login. To browse these pages, go to Selling on

For more information about assigning and modifying user rights and permissions, account administrators can refer to the Set User Permissions help topic in Seller Central.

Can I transfer my seller account?

Seller accounts generally are not transferable. Seller accounts provide access to the tools and resources that sellers use to list their products and manage their orders. Seller accounts also include account activity history and buyer feedback. Every seller on Amazon must have a seller account and an agreement with Amazon that establishes the terms under which the seller lists and sells their products.

If the ownership of a business changes for any reason, the new owner needs to establish a new seller account.

If the ownership of a business isn’t changing, but the individuals responsible for managing the seller account have changed, you can add users to the account. For more information, see Set User Permissions.

What does the website drop-down box do?

In some cases, you might see a site drop-down box near the top-right corner of the Seller Central website. This drop-down box, which appears only if you manage multiple sites or marketplaces with Amazon, helps you switch between related websites. For example, if you sell on both the website and the website, then you can use the Account Selector drop-down box to choose between viewing your orders on each of these sites.

Note: When you switch using the Account Selector, the Help content you can see also changes.

How does the website I select in Seller Central affect my store?

You can manage your related websites using the Account Selector drop-down box in Seller Central. For example, you can set up a promotion for your website, and then set up a different promotion for your own, related website. Changes you make to your website do not affect your separate website, and vice-versa. To customers, the sites appear separate, even though you can quickly switch from one site to the other to make changes to them.

You choose the site you want from the drop-down box near the top left of your Seller Central account, above the navigation bar.

For more information, go to What does the website drop-down box do?

How do I get support for multiple stores or multiple selling accounts?

If you are selling in more than one store or have more than one selling account, you can get help from Seller Support by selecting the specific store or selling account where the issue is happening. This won’t require you to sign in on a different Seller Central domain.

To route your case to the correct support team, select the store or the selling account from the dropdown where the issue is happening. This will reduce the time it takes for associates to resolve the issue.

Can I put a link on my website to my products listed on Amazon?

Yes. You can put a link on your website to the products you have listed on Amazon. However, you cannot put a link from the Amazon website to your own website.

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