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Order Status

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This page explains how you can check the status of an FBA or Multi-Channel Fulfilment order using the Manage Orders page.

There are two indicators for the status of each order that customers place for your items on the website. An order can be "pending" or "payment complete." While "payment complete" indicates that the item has been paid for by the customer, orders can be in "pending" status for a variety of reasons.

In most cases, "pending" indicates that some of the items in the order have not been shipped. Here are some of the most common reasons for orders to be in "Pending" status and how they affect the merchant being paid:

  • The buyer has qualified for FREE Delivery and the order is waiting for other items to be consolidated, so that the buyer will receive free shipping. Payment will be processed once the item is shipped.
  • Amazon has been unable to obtain authorisation for the customer's credit card. Once authorisation has been obtained, the merchant will be paid.
  • The order is for multiple items, but one item is not in stock; we choose to release (or split) the order so that the FBA item is shipped (our system may even extend FREE Delivery to the buyer even though a split has occurred). In these cases the order will still show "pending" in the merchant order screens even though the item has been shipped and the merchant has been paid.

You can determine whether or not you have been paid by going to ReportsPayment and searching for the order transaction.

Multi-Channel Fulfilment Order Status

You can review the status of a Multi-Channel Fulfilment order using the Orders tab in Seller Central.
  1. Under Orders, click "Manage Orders."
  2. Select a date range or find your orders using the "Search for Orders" button.
Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders can be identified in the Sales Channel column as "Non-Amazon." The column second from the right shows the status of the orders.

Unfulfillable Out of stock or invalid delivery address; order cannot be completed.
Planning Order has been received.
Shipping / Dispatch Order is being packed for dispatch.
Complete Order has been dispatched.

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