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Refund orders

Before you issue a refund, consider the following:

  • After you have authorised a return request, you can wait until you have received the product back from the buyer before you issue a refund. If you prefer, you can allow the buyer to keep the product even if you decide to issue a refund. To set up automatic returnless refunds for returns that meet certain criteria, consult our Returnless refunds help page.
  • If the buyer returns the item to you in a condition that is different from the condition in which you sent it, you have the option to issue a partial refund. If you decide to issue a partial refund, we recommend explaining this to the buyer in advance to help avoid misunderstandings or a possible A-to-z Guarantee claim.
  • If you described and listed the item accurately, but the buyer no longer wants it, you have the option to exclude shipping costs from the refund if the return request was generated after the 14 days from the buyer’s receipt date. If buyer withdraws from the purchase within 14 days from receipt of the item you are still expected to refund the buyer the standard shipping costs.

Important: You are required to issue a refund within two working days of receipt of a return.

For more information, see Manage returns.

If you accidentally refund the wrong amount or wrong order, see the section Refund mistakes below.

You have the option to issue concessions in addition to or as an alternative to refunding order amounts.

Depending on the type of refund you want to issue, see:

Refund mistakes

While a refund is in pending status, you can cancel it by clicking Cancel refunds. If you cannot see this link, then the refund has been released to the buyer and cannot be cancelled.

In this case, you can contact the buyer to see if they will allow their credit card to be recharged by Amazon.

If the buyer agrees, ask them to contact Amazon Customer Service to request a recharge.

Note: We can recharge the buyer’s credit card for the order only if we receive the request directly from the buyer.

Once the customer’s card has been recharged, the recharged amount will appear as a credit in your Payments account.

If you cancel a refund, we don’t notify the buyer. We only notify buyers about refunds that are actually released.

Gift cards and gift certificates

If an Amazon gift card or gift voucher was used to pay for all or part of an order, process the refund as you normally would. The gift card or gift voucher portion of the refund will be credited back to the buyer’s Amazon account and can then be used on a future purchase.

Note: The original expiry date of the gift voucher will still apply.
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