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Liquid products (or products containing liquids) will only be accepted if they have the following characteristics and conform to the following packaging requirements and restrictions:

Product Characteristics Packaging Requirements
Container Type Sellable Unit Sellable Unit Package Sellable Weight/Volume Restriction Seal
Glass Single unit Corrugated box Volume of 1 litre or less Double-sealed screw cap
Plastic Single unit None Volume of 1 litre or less Double-sealed screw cap
Plastic Multi-unit, physically bundled Corrugated box 1 litre or less per individual unit Double-sealed screw cap

Additional requirements for all liquids:

  • Corrugated containers on multi-unit bundled products must meet the following criteria:
    • A box certificate seal exists.
    • The product is in a six-sided carton.
    • The carton does not give way when medium pressure is applied to any of the sides.
    • No side of the carton has an opening that makes some of the contents visible from the outside.
    • The contents of the product are held securely in place inside of the carton so they do not roll.
    • The carton is sealed with tape, glue or staples.
    • The carton has clear markings indicating which side is the top.
  • The product must not contain hazardous materials.
  • Each sellable unit must be able to pass a drop test consisting of the following: Items will be dropped three successive times from a height of 125 cm onto a concrete surface, once on the top, once on the corner and once on either the side or the bottom. A single item must survive a single test (three drops). If the container does not leak, it passes the test. Damage to the container is acceptable.

An example of a non-breakable and double-sealed container of less than 1 litre.
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