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Buy Shipping services fees and pricing

There is no fixed recurring charge for using the Buy Shipping tool (for example, a monthly charge). Carriers are not provided with credit card or bank account information, and related services are charged to your seller account.

The purchase of shipping and related services through Buy Shipping services for seller-fulfilled orders is subject to the terms, conditions and rates supplied by supported carriers. See terms and conditions here.

DPD and Royal Mail are currently the supported carriers for Buy Shipping services in the United Kingdom.


DPD offers volume-based pricing that adjusts as you grow. Your initial rate will be Tier 2, and on the first of each month your rate will automatically be adjusted based on the volume that you shipped using DPD via Buy Shipping in the previous month.

You can find more details about DPD rates here.

If you want to use DPD, follow the registration process here.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail drop-off services

If you want to use Royal Mail drop-off services, you can begin to purchase shipping labels immediately. If you are willing to use Amazon’s negotiated Royal Mail drop-off rates, no additional setup is required, and you will be able to see these options in Buy Shipping straight away. If you are using this option, you will need to drop off your seller-fulfilled orders at a Royal Mail Customer Service Point (CSP). You can find your closest CSP here.

Access Buy Shipping via your Royal Mail business account and utilise your existing Royal Mail collection and rates

If you already have a business account with Royal Mail, have access to Royal Mail Tracked24®, Tracked48® services, and want to use these rates that you’ve previously negotiated with Royal Mail, you can link that account to Amazon and purchase shipping labels at these rates via Buy Shipping. In order to link the account, complete the registration process here and link your Royal Mail account automatically through Manage your carrier accounts. Note that the Royal Mail shipping options will only be available in Buy Shipping services after your account has been successfully linked. For further information on how to link your account, click here.

Order details and Payments report

The fees for any shipping and related services that you select are displayed on the Order details page in the Shipping Details section. In Seller Central, select Orders, followed by Manage Orders, and then click an order.

You can also see fees for shipping and related services in the Payments report. To see the report, select Reports, and then click Payments. For more information, refer to Get payments reports.

To change your shipping fees, select Settings, and then click Shipping Settings. For more information, see Set your shipping rates.

To learn more about shipping options, see Use the Buy Shipping services.

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