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Mobile Phone Handsets

Mobile phones can be listed on under New and Refurbished condition. However different criteria and specifications apply to phones listed under each condition.

Condition: New

The following two types of phones can be listed under New condition, and each of them must be listed under its own ASIN:


These handsets may contain a SIM card inside the box and are always “locked” to the network provider. The handsets may also contain a network logo, printed on the product itself. The SIM card may also have Pay-as-you-go Credit pre-loaded for the customer.

SIM Free

“SIM Free” denotes a mobile phone handset in which any SIM can be used. All devices bought via acknowledged SIM-free channels are “Factory Unlocked”, which means that they have generic software and no SIM locks to any network. There will be no network logo on the box, handset or literature. Box contents are as specified by the manufacturer, and the warranty is held by the manufacturer. Boxes arrive in your customers’ hands sealed and untouched.

Condition: Refurbished

The following two types of phones can be listed under Refurbished condition and each of them must be listed under its own ASIN:

Unlocked Handsets

Unlocked handsets will have previously been “SIM Locked”. These could be Network devices purchased with a contract or they could be Pre-Pay handsets that have been purchased and subsequently “Box broken” or “Split”, where the SIM card has been removed and sold separately and the device has then been unlocked, typically via computer software. These handsets must be listed under Refurbished condition on a separate product detail page and described as “Unlocked” in the title. They must NOT be listed against the standard “SIM Free” product detail page as a new device.

Country of Origin

Non-UK stock which is brought for sale in UK from another market, e.g. North America or Asia, can only be sold within the UK if you have the rights to do so and if it complies with the following:

  1. The product has a valid UK warranty;
  2. The product has a CE certified UK 3 pin plug in the original packaging – an EU / other plug with a UK adaptor is not acceptable and is not compliant with UK regulations. If you have a non-UK product with rights to sell in UK, it needs to be listed on a separate product detail page, and the country of origin needs to be included in the title for the benefit of your buyers. It is also important to indicate the language in which the user manual language is available in the comments section. Non-UK products must NOT be listed against the standard "SIM Free" product detail page.


Under the Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 it is a criminal offence to place on the market or supply in the UK an appliance which is not fitted with either i) a UK 3 pin plug, or ii) a non-UK plug permanently fitted with a UK safety approved conversion plug (NB the conversion plug must enclose the fitted non-UK plug and only be removable by use of a tool). As this is considered a safety issue, there are no exceptions. It is not enough, for example, to provide a 3-pin plug adaptor or to make the origin of the appliance clear on the detail page. Possible sanctions for breach are fines and/or imprisonment.

Listing Rules

If your product does not comply with the above specifications, it is a violation of our policy to list it against the product detail pages of one of these handset types and to then describe it differently in the comments section. For example, to list an unlocked mobile phone handset on a “SIM Free” handset product page and to then describe it as “Unlocked” in the comments section is a listing violation which will result in the cancellation of your listing and may result in your account being terminated.

To review the terms of the Seller Rules, see Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions

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